Prolight + Sound 2022 is celebrated in Frankfurt with the novelties of professional lighting

Sustainability, latest LED technology and inspiration at Prolight + Sound 2022

Prolight + Sound 2022 renews its commitment to a green future by bringing together professional lighting, sound and stage mechanics companies from 30 countries whose technologies are characterized by energy efficiency, the reduction of logistical difficulties and the use of sustainable materials that reduce the footprint ecology of the sector entertainment.

After two years of pause the pavilions of the frankfurt fair they shine again with the light of the Prolight+Sound 2022 and its more than 400 leading brands from the world of entertainment. From April 26 to 29, around 20.000 visitors met again with the most innovative products for the technological transition of the sector to LED lighting and delved into the energy saving proposals for the first Green Event Day in history of this event.

Ayrton reaffirms its commitment to LED and laser power

Sustainability guides brands like Ayrton with its new family of luminaires Zonda 9 FX and Zonda 9 Wash with LED source 40W of high performance in a compact formatwithout giving up 25.000 lumens of power and an additive RGB+W color synthesis that reaches up to 4.290 tones with high fidelity (CRI<86) To mix homogeneously pastel and saturated. The newly developed equipment Ayrton they have a dimmer electronic with light adjustment from 0 to 100% without changing the color, and allow the automatic repositioning to correct any accidental displacement.

It has been officially presented in this edition the Cobra, Ayrton's first LED laser source luminaire with IP65 weather protection, capable of illuminating an object several kilometers away with a power of 386 lux at 000 m. Besides the energy efficiency of its 260 W and perfect color reproduction thanks to the definition of the beam and its adjustable angle, its 12 rotating gobos, 80 fixed metal gobos and the two combinable prism sections make any color mix possible.

Prolight + Sound 2022 brings us closer to the new Ayrton LED technology luminaires.

The French brand brought another of its flagship products to the fair, Domino LT, an LED moving spotlight long-range that in addition to IP65 protection has a double level of CMY saturation to generate a billion colors with its record luminous flux of 51.000 lumens that consumes only 1000 W and ensures a powerful beam and perfect color wheels to create volumetric effects.

Clay Paky reinforces its laser technology and equipment for theater, cinema, television and presents incredible lighting effects

The marsh Italian Clay Paky has also approached the Fair its RGB laser source products the Xtylos and Mini Xtylos, which combine the efficiency of LED module with color features and gobos for aerial effects in a compact format. Its laser source is capable of producing deep, saturated colors without any visible hot spots, using the Turbo Color system. Following this line of great features in a small size, the Ring Profile MP has a LED module that reaches 22.000 lumens with 470 W of consumption and interchangeable modules to change the cutouts to gobos.

Among the novelties that those attending Prolight+Sound 2022 were able to see in action was the Sinfonya Profile de Clay Paky, designed for theaters, cinema and television as it is a very quiet LED luminaire, with a trimming system 40 times more precise than traditional ones and high levels of CRI and synchronization with old lamps. This hybrid and functional spirit is what also embodies the Sharpy X-FrameWhose four-focal-plane blade system Delivers brilliant, consistent color performance with consumption of 550 W and a beam, spot or wash focus result According to the need.

The Xtylos continues to be Ayrton's leading LED technology.

El Show de Clay Paky in Frankfurt was completed with its recently presented new range of lighting effects and blinder with LED strips or swivel bases Panify for fixed elements such as the accessory Drum Batten, the bar 16 LEDs of 40 W and RGB+W technology to modulate color, dimming and strobes of each pixel, and that starts the new generation of effect lights also presented at the Fair.

This is the case of Tambora Linear, a Hybrid LED bar adaptable to television studios or movie sets and to large tours, incorporating two complementary effects: backlighting powered by a 400 pixel LED system and a powerful strobe effect on its central line of 200 white LEDs. Meanwhile, the also innovative Tambora Flash represents the only hybrid accessory on the market capable of function simultaneously as a strobe, wash and blinder.

Equipment to make professional lighting easier and more creative

At the booth of ETC we find some of the best lighting solutions for filming on the market, such as LED panels fos / 4 Panels and fos / 4 Fresnel for film and TV whose eight-color technology ensures true-to-life color results. It is also the case of Source Four LED Series 3 of ETC and its functionality Deep Red that improves color output and skin tone results on camera.

ETC and its spotlights for cinema and TV at Prolight + Sound 2022.

As well Portman Lighting stood out in terms of decorative stage lighting with the recently released S-Tribe. You have five LED light sources with 1600-2900K color temperature that emulate tungsten and high color reliability (HR>90) while generating a powerful beam of white light with 280W of consumption. The S-Tribe also has a quick joint system that allows you to create large structures between luminaires, with a base or on supports without using screws.

DSC 9508 1

Among the innovations of LumenRadius, their new wireless DMX equipment that offers reliability to make any show great thanks to its robust wireless signal to connect transmitter and receiver without wiring, since most of the luminaires presented in this Prolight + Sound already incorporate wireless DMX. There is a specialized range of W-DMX for interiors, and also an external battery option for film or television shooting with enough autonomy so that the equipment does not turn off when changing them.

The most robust lighting control with MA Lighting's enhanced software

El Prolight+Sound 2022 has also brought us closer to the roadmap of grandMA3 controller updates which premieres this May its version 1.7 with great improvements in the workflow and integration of the functionalities demanded by the users. In addition, the new version 1.7 of grandMA3 greatly increases DMX parameters to control larger shows with more equipment, individual control channels like those who need the Ayrton Zonda 9, or separate cell lighting like the S-Tribe.

The latest update of MA Lighting allows real-time effects editing and programming of each byte synchronized with the music to go to the beat, which together with the correction and improvement of the grandMA3 consolidate their 1.7 update as a highly reliable control tool, adapted to modern equipment and with market-leading processing capacity.

The Stonex team confirms its presence at Prolight + Sound 2022.

Other premium brands distributed by Stonex in Spain, as Sundrax for the intelligent management of stage lighting, Sixty82 for trusses and stage mechanics or the specialist in rigging is Movecat, which showed how their equipment works and the practical applications of each technology.

Within the framework of the #Restart promoted by Prolight + Sound 2022, the fair is a starting point for the evolution of professional lighting in the sector entertainment, which faces with optimism and renewed energy a year marked by the progressive recovery of market confidence, sustainable products, qualified personnel and a growing adoption of the technological transition to the low consumption LED.

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