Moveket, Sixty82 and Stonex bring PortAventura's latest attraction to life

Stonex has participated in the project of PortAventura's latest attraction, Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence, a dark ride with unique visual effects of nearly 700 meters of length with more than 12 meters of height in a unique immersive space – 4.800 square meters and 16 meters high.

Last summer, PortAventura's latest attraction debuted, an indoor roller coaster (the first in the entire park) based on the Uncharted universe that combines the adrenaline of lateral launches, rotating platforms, inverted free falls with the immersive experience provided by the latest visual effects on the market.

During the tour, which lasts approximately 90 seconds, the carriages circulate in most sections completely in the dark, while at some moments we find visual effects and projections that are combined with animatronic figures. Stonex was part of this project with the stage mechanics and rigging providing its Moveket motors and Sixty82 trusses to give life to all these effects that give the attraction a unique touch.

Front facade Uncharted: The Riddle of Penitence

Stage mechanics and Rigging: A comprehensive solution

According to Luis Carlos Valencia, Development Director of PortAventura, »One of the main challenges of the project was the integration of elements for light, video and sound effects in a three-dimensional space without walls or support. To address this difficulty, it was proposed to use stage mechanics, and in this aspect, Stonex played a fundamental role. ».

The final decision was to use trusses, cranes and motors to assemble each element of the show that complements the attraction at the specified points and coordinates.. This choice was also selected from a maintenance perspective, ensuring that it is carried out as easily as possible.

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Uncharted Walkthrough: The Riddle of Penitence

The project stood out for the implementation of 20 Moveket Plus-X fixed speed motors, used to move all stage equipment with precision and efficiency. Also More than 200 meters of Sixty82 truss were used to build the structures that housed these engines, thus playing a fundamental role in the assembly and operation of the show during the attraction. These meticulously designed truss structures strategically surrounded the most prominent parts of the stage, forming long trusses, bridges and totems that helped bring to life the most surprising effects and moments of the attraction.

In this type of projects, communication between all parties involved is crucial to achieving success. According to Luis Carlos, »Stonex's coordination internally on the job and the interaction with our team were fluid, which allowed us to successfully meet the established deadlines and milestones.. "

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