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4 keys why you should choose Claypaky's Arolla Aqua IP66

Arolla Aqua emerges as Claypaky's premium solution, designed to resist adverse weather conditions with its IP66 rating, thus responding to the growing demands of professionals in the sector, looking for devices that combine technical performance and durability.

- Claypaky faced the challenge of creating a powerful moving head, maintaining a compact design and a great quality-price ratio. The result? Arolla Aqua IP66. Equipped with high-power LED technology, the Arolla Aqua provides bright, uniform illumination, ensuring optimal visibility in any environment. Additionally, its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and mount in different locations depending on lighting needs.

1. IP66 Rating (Shield ClayPaky Family)

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In a market where the demand for IP66 weatherproof equipment is on the rise, Coil Aqua It stands out as a versatile option for both outdoor and indoor events. And it is that, the Claypaky IP66 certification offers a new standard in weather resistance, offering high performance and durability. Its protection against dust and other external elements reduces the need for maintenance and therefore helps reduce costs. Lighting designers also highlight how this feature gives them the freedom to explore creative possibilities, even under extreme weather conditions.

La IP66 certification indicates a higher level of protection compared to usual market standards. These devices are equipped with features for harsh environments, rigorously tested to withstand vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, hail, electrical stress and much more.

2. Its compact design

With less than 750 mm high and weighing only 38,5 kg, The Arolla Aqua allows for quick and precise movements, making it a versatile and easy-to-handle solution in a wide variety of environments. Despite its small size, this mobile spotlight offers exceptional performance, providing powerful and uniform illumination where needed. His Compact design makes it easy to transport and assemble, allowing quick and hassle-free installation in different locations.

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3. Superior performance with great value for money

Equipped with a 900W white LED light source (7000K) and an output of 40.000 lumens, Arolla Aqua competes in both power and size with other high power range fixtures as well as mid-power range lights. Its uniform light beam, with an adjustable zoom from 5,5° to 50°, guarantees precise and flexible lighting. This allows obtaining a precise control over the lighting environment, encouraging creativity and versatility at the best price.

4. 'Go Bright' technology and its range of effects

La effects section offers a wide variety of options, including gobo wheels and animation, four-sided prism, motorized iris and framing. Thanks to "Go-Bright" technology, gobos can be exchanged without loss of light or color change, allowing for unlimited creativity.

Regarding the color section, Coil Aqua provides 16-bit CMY mixing, linear CTO filter, six color wheel with CRI enhancement filter, among other features. In addition, it has functions such as frost filter, digital dimming and strobe, guaranteeing precise and versatile control in any situation.

With all these features, Arolla Aqua by Claypaky is positioned as an acclaimed option in the weatherproof lighting market, combining technical performance, durability and versatility to meet the most demanding needs of professionals in the sector.

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