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A team of technical professionals in lighting, control, and mechanics is taking care of your problems and issues. Check below the technical documentation of our products family or contact us directly.

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Are you looking for a manual, guide or technical documentation? Here you will find all the documents of our products

Design 3D

New possibilities for lighting design come with the powerful 3D modelling software. Working the lighting of space has never been so simple. Now it is possible to save time by customizing the position of the luminaires without having completed the assembly. An opportunity to work lighting in a more creative and versatile way. 

Moving lights. Ayrton

The recognition that this brand has earned in the premium lighting market addresses the popularity of its products among some of the world's best illuminators. Versatility, power and innovation are the mantras that guide their novelties' launch to the market. With a clear determination to stay always at the forefront of the sector, Ayrton was born to set a trend. Check the documentation that we provide here:


At Stonex we only work with the brands dedicated to safety and in compliance with the best standards. Movecat, Sixty82 or Admiral Stage, among others are our firms for stage solutions.
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