Hurricane Wash4

Huracán Wash, Ayrton's new release is already on the market

Ayrton enlarges its Huracán family with the launch of the Wash-type luminaire. After the small advance that we have had in Plasa Show 2022, the new Huracán Wash version is released. France's Ayrton has worked out a completely new design for its Fresnel lens, developing an optical structure especially for use with cutouts.

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ETC at France TV Vendargues credits Jonathan Grimaux 08 1500x1000 1

ETC fos/4 panels, the ideal option for TV studios

Years of experience and specialization characterize Stonex within the broadcasting sector. Area in which lighting plays a vital role and the luminaires used must be adapted to the needs and demands of the sector. In order to provide the best lighting solutions on film sets, both on television and

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We celebrate lighting at PLASA Show 2022

PLASA Show, the event dedicated to entertainment technology, had a new edition at London's Olympia from September 4 to 6, to publicize technological advances in the worlds of lighting, audio, AV, rigging and staging. Plasa Show has once again been a point

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Clay Paky commits to a Sustainability Plan

Do you know the Clay Paky Green sustainability plan?

Concern for the environment and sustainability in the professional lighting sector is a maxim that influences the entire lighting value chain, and to which premium brands such as Clay Paky are applying significant changes to reduce the ecological footprint of their production and consequent distribution. The keys of

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Graph of the performance of LED luminaires

3 ideas to help you in your search for long-lasting LED luminaires

The transition to LED entails many advantages in terms of energy savings and efficiency, versatility and many other factors that imply lower costs of time, money and resources. However, it also means making a strong investment in the renovation of the equipment, so we must look for durable LED luminaires that offer us that performance and versatility during

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The best LED equipment for television lighting (Part II)

The technology distributed by Stonex adapts to the needs of any indoor or outdoor shooting set with the best LED equipment, more sustainable due to its low consumption. Here we have gathered all the keys so that you know what lighting equipment your television project needs. Of the decision on lighting

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Cobra is Ayrton's first laser source luminaire

Ayrton Cobra: how the phosphor laser works and what advantages it has

Phosphor laser luminaires offer features that complement LED engine fixtures for a cost-effective technology transition. The professional lighting brand Ayrton has opted in its latest launch, the Cobra moving head, for the innovation of the laser phosphor as a light source. The leading manufacturers in the sector are

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