air disinfection in dental clinics

Air Disinfection in Dental Clinics, key to creating a safe space

The pandemic has strengthened and praised infection prevention measures in healthcare settings. The presence of aerosols in the work boxes makes it necessary to expand prevention measures to protect our medical staff, workers and patients. In addition, customers place much more value on prevention measures in

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ionization of air for disinfection

Is air ionization effective for disinfection and infection prevention?

A recent study by Boeing on the effectiveness of disinfection using ionization in aircraft and in the laboratory shows low disinfection effectiveness. The study concludes that it is a technology with a low level of research and conclusive results, so it is advisable to resort to traditional disinfection methods or others

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air purifier

Are air purifiers effective for professional environments?

Air purifiers have been around for a long time but their use has intensified with the pandemic. In addition to purifying and improving air quality, many people try to use them as an air disinfection solution against viruses and other pathogens, but are they really effective in disinfecting the air? In this article we analyze

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eurovision lighting 2021

MA Lighting, ClayPaky and Ayrton shine one more year at Eurovision

The most anticipated event of the year, Eurovision 2021, was held on May 22 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The 39 countries have participated in the spectacular Ahoy Arena show, where MA Lighting, Claypaky and Ayrton, the premium lighting brands represented in Spain by Stonex, among others, were once again protagonists

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uvair 300 f

Air disinfection in the presence of people with UV-C technology

One of the great concerns of businesses is how to reuse spaces 100% and turn them into safe environments. Technology becomes essential to offer solutions such as air disinfection through UV-C technology, allowing large-volume spaces to be disinfected to guarantee the quality of the air we breathe.

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