uvair 300 f

Air disinfection in the presence of people with UV-C technology

One of the great concerns of businesses is how to reuse spaces 100% and turn them into safe environments. Technology becomes essential to offer solutions such as air disinfection through UV-C technology, allowing large-volume spaces to be disinfected to guarantee the quality of the air we breathe.

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mecano musical cross of razors with lighting by claypaky, ma, ayrton, etc

Cruz de Navajas, light and color in homage to Mecano

The lights are turned on for the tribute show to Mecano Cruz de Navajas. The lighting designer, Pau Fullana, is in charge of making this new show shine even more if possible, since the end of April and opens on May 5. As it could not be missing, a whole deployment of technology

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disinfection of public spaces

UVAIR216 the air disinfection solution for public spaces

The Madrid municipalities of Serna del Monte and Gascones are betting on Stonex solutions, UVAIR216 from GoldenseaUV, to purify and disinfect their spaces in the presence of people, without posing a health risk. La Serna del Monte and Gascones have been the pioneers in equipping themselves with purification devices and

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Arolla Profile HP

Claypaky presents Arolla Profile HP, its novel and compact moving head

The Italian company launches Arolla Profile HP, a compact luminaire with an unbeatable performance / price ratio. A powerful, compact and silent device, perfect for use in almost any space. Arolla Profile HP features a custom designed 1200W white LED motor. This makes it one of the most powerful moving heads on the market.

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SIXTY82 presents the exclusive and versatile HANG-ON82

HANG-ON82 by SIXTY82 is presented as a novel and exclusive product that can become an alternative for T-shaped corners, among other design solutions, for structural and rigging systems. SIXTY82 is a prominent and recognized brand as it offers the best rigging and structural solutions. Worldwide recognized,

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Air disinfection

Air purification and disinfection? UV technology as the key

UV technology is presented as an effective and efficient solution in combination with air purification systems when it comes to guaranteeing the disinfection of spaces in the presence of people. To understand what we do not yet know about HEPA filters and their use in air purification devices, it is

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grandma3 software update

New software update for grandMA3 from MA Lighting

MA Lighting presents a new software update for its grandMA3 lighting consoles with the aim of improving the user experience. In its latest software update for grandMA3, new features were included aimed at enriching the overall lighting control experience. Likewise, they included improvements in the basic workflow.

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GrandMA3 viz-key and Wysiwig now supported

GrandMA3 viz-key incorporates Wysiwig among its third-party visualization tools. The new device allows stable and safe connectivity in lighting control systems, enabling all the necessary parameters for visualization. By definition, all MA Lighting products are robust and reliable in all their series. Once again, MA incorporates

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