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GrandMA3 viz-key and Wysiwig now supported

GrandMA3 viz-key incorporates Wysiwig among its third-party visualization tools. The new device allows stable and safe connectivity in lighting control systems, enabling all the necessary parameters for visualization. By definition, all MA Lighting products are robust and reliable in all their series. Once again, MA incorporates

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Ultraviolet air disinfection, documented efficacy against SARS-CoV-2

Official and independent reports have documented the efficacy of Goldensea UV's UVAIR216, with ultraviolet technology, in terms of inactivating viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. In addition, they have tested their safety especially in spaces with the presence of people. Biotec GmbH was commissioned to examine UVAIR216 in terms of virus inactivation efficiency in

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Viz-key, the new grandMA3 tool

MA Lighting presents Viz-key, the latest grandMA3 solution that allows working with third-party displays in a stable and secure way. grandMA3 viz-key is MA Lighting's new tool that offers stable and secure connectivity, allowing you to work with third-party visualization tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems. Just plug in viz-key

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MA Lighting releases version 1.4 of the grandMA3 software

In its process of continuous improvement, MA Lighting launches its latest software version for MA3 with the aim of offering new functionalities and enriching the user experience. MA Lighting has released its new version 1.4 of the grandMA3 software. This release includes improvements to the basic workflow, as well as new features that

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Eurus, Ayrton's new mobile spotlight

Light, powerful and versatile, that's how Ayrton's new moving head landed. Designed with the latest technology, the new Eurus-LT with its ultra-quiet system lands to find its place on sets and stage spaces. EURUS-LT, the newest addition to the Series 5, is the first multifunction luminaire in the AYRTON '' LT '' product line

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ETC presents its new Fresnel for television

Design, performance and innovation are the keys with which the North American brand presents in the new Fresnel spotlight of the Fos / 4 family, the range of solutions dedicated to film and television. A true Fresnel with the performance of an LED. ETC announces the addition of a Fresnel to the family dedicated to studies

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Teatro Real stalls with UV-C disinfection products

The Royal Theater relies on ultraviolet light to disinfect its spaces

The most emblematic theater in the country, Teatro Real, incorporates ultraviolet C disinfection products from Stonex, to guarantee the well-being and health of its artists, workers and spectators. This solution is a complement to traditional cleaning and ensures 99,9% virus inactivation. With the reopening of its doors,

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New solutions for grandMA3 onPC are here

The world's leading lighting control console brand announces its new additions to the revolutionary grandMA3 onPC range: the grandMA3 onPC wing fader and the xPort Nodes DIN-Rail. Two safe bets that arise from decades of experience of the most recognized brand in the development of lighting control solutions and network components.

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Source 4WRD Color to transform LED light

Source 4WRD Color by ETC: the transformation of the incandescent

ETC has introduced the Source 4WRD Color, as the latest addition to the Source 4WRD device family. This new product is an adaptation for the ellipsoidal and profile appliances of the Source Four range. Thanks to this add-on, additive RGBA color mixing, saturated fades and faster color changes are achieved.

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UV-C disinfection products

Ultraviolet C products as a complement to your disinfection protocol

Goldensea UV's full range of ultraviolet C products offers different solutions for different disinfection spaces and protocols. The ultraviolet C light guarantees a really deep cleaning and prevents the spread of Covid 19. With the end of August and the return of the holidays, we return to a moment of uncertainty

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ETC ColorSource spot jr light fixture

ColorSource Spot jr: ETC's new compact spot light

The leading American manufacturer of professional lighting and control technology has released its latest spot light. The new ColorSource Spot jr is a compact solution (5,5kg) of the original ColorSource Spot version. Taking advantage of the new normality and the reopening of leisure spaces, ETC expands its well-known ColorSource range. A new member comes to

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Connection with up to 4 touch screens

GrandMA3 presents its Command Wing XT

MA Lighting, the leading brand in lighting control tables, already has its most anticipated Command version available. The new Command Wing XT is a 4.096-parameter console, the only one with integrated MA3 software. In a historical moment in which the spectacular productions of capacity are gradually being resumed

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