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Disinfection product UVM216 GOLDENSEAUV

Full range of UV-C disinfection products already on sale

The manufacturer Goldensea UV, leader in the lighting sector, has developed a complete range of UV-C disinfection devices. The ultraviolet light disinfection method C has positioned itself as one of the most reliable systems for all types of spaces, places and objects. Stonex, national distributor of Goldensea UV products,

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Cover protect spaces with UV-C disinfection

Stonex, ultraviolet C disinfection solutions to face the new normal

The return to normality is a concern in all areas and sectors, how to turn our spaces into safe and disinfected places? Ultraviolet disinfection gains prominence and is positioned as one of the best solutions to face the new normal. GoldenSea UV, distributed by Stonex in Spain, offers its technology to adapt

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Fos / 4 ETC, the only full color LED panel

The only full color LED panel for lighting in film and television

The American manufacturer Electronic Theater Controls (ETC), a technological benchmark in professional lighting and control, surprised us earlier this year with a revolutionary LED panel that is essential for lighting your film and television project. With the advance of the de-escalation phases in the Spanish territory, the filming has been activated

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Functional image of UV lighting as a disinfectant

UV-C disinfection, the solution for your space?

Theaters, discotheques, auditoriums, schools or offices are some of the new spaces where UV-C disinfection becomes an indispensable complement to disinfection. Without residues and with high efficiency in the elimination of microorganisms, it offers a safe disinfection for the surface and the air, but what else should I consider?

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Thanks lights shine for healthcare staff around the world

The entertainment industry has been the sector that first stopped in this state of alarm due to the global pandemic. And, it is probably the last to be reactivated due to the conditions of social distancing and capacity in events and shows around the world. Still, we know that the entertainment sector will revive and with

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Stonex continues operating remotely

Dear friend, In this phase of national de-escalation due to Covid 19, we inform you that at Stonex we continue to be at your complete disposal via online and telephone by all our team. Since last Thursday, March 12, the teleworking modality was implemented in Stonex in those functions that allowed it. However,

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Fos4 range for cinema and television by ETC

ETC's new fos / 4: the revolution in cinema and television lighting

ETC goes one step further in lighting for audiovisual spaces and presents its LED panel dedicated to meeting the needs of the most specialized in the sector: the fos4 range. Their ability to emit a perfect soft light to cover interiors and exteriors behind the lens of a camera has allowed them to become relevant in all rental companies for audiovisual productions.

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Stonex statement: at Stonex we continue to work with you

Given the situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus and the rapid changes experienced in recent days around the world, from Stonex we want to communicate that appropriate measures have been taken to collaborate in containment measures. We understand that these measures are key and essential and we are responsible with the situation we are experiencing. For this reason, we communicate

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Rigging, show lighting and lighting control at ISE Amsterdam 2020

The brands represented by Stonex in its rigging and stage lighting lines have presented the highlights of their portfolio between February 11 and 14 in the Dutch capital. One more year the manufacturers of audiovisual technology have gathered in Amsterdam to go to Integrated Sistems Europe, whose headquarters for

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ETC Source Four Mini

Stonex presents intelligent lighting and control solutions at IEDLuce

The company uses technology that allows connectivity and simple control of all the lighting in a space and premium luminaires for indoor and outdoor. Integrable solutions with third-party systems to create intelligent, efficient and safe installations. On February 6, the IED Madrid school organizes one more year IEDLuce, a

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Dates courses ETC lighting control

New ETC EOS lighting control courses for 2020

Stonex, exclusive distributor of ETC in Spain, regularly organizes training focused on professionals in the sector who wish to specialize in lighting control with the leading consoles in theater and television. A new cycle of lighting control courses with ETC EOS that Stonex offers for this 2020 begins in February. They are intended for

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