Ayrton Argo6 v2

Ayrton launches IP6-rated Argo65 during Plasa Show 2023

The great Plasa Show fair hosted all the most relevant sound and lighting brands on the current market on September 5. Among them, Ayrton, a renowned lighting firm, was present at the event with its new Argo6 with IP65 rating, a further evolution of the famous Ayrton product line.

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Ayrton takes the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Company

The prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), with its permanent headquarters in Stratford-upon-Avon, is renowned for its excellence in the theater arts. The company has recently taken a step forward in lighting technology by incorporating Ayrton Diablo and Eurus luminaires into its flagship theatres, the Royal Shakespeare Theater (RST) and the Swan Theatre. The

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Virtualize your space with ETC's Augment3d Scanner app

On many occasions, taking our space to our lighting table can be a real headache and require a series of knowledge such as handling 3D modeling applications, which would take us longer than desired. Thanks to ETC's new Augment3d Scanner app, we can intuitively virtualize any

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Ayrton fills the PepsiCo event in Barcelona with magic

We all need a little magic in our lives and lighting designer and PepsiCo Worldwide Events CTO Steve Nield brought a lot of magic to the Ballroom at Barcelona's Hotel Sofía for the PepsiCo International Franchise Forum. 112 Ayrton MagicPanel R luminaires were chosen to introduce an element

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ETC Eos Apex

ETC Eos Apex, the ultimate lighting control platform

Eos Apex is the ultimate control platform, with extensive programming surfaces and the power to manage complex equipment, taking practicality to the maximum. Based on EOS software, it offers superb professional performance to suit any show or space. The new Apex offers great power thanks to its 24.576

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color metrics

Color metrics in the world of lighting

When choosing our luminaires we have to take into account if they can represent the color we want on stage in the most faithful way to reality. In many cases, there are cuts that are not capable of providing that color that we are looking for. In order to know if the luminaire we have is going to contribute

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Everything you need to know about the IP Protection Degree

We always think about its outdoor application when we talk about luminaires with IP protection. And it is true that programming an indoor event is not the same as an outdoor event, so the luminaires to be used must comply with certain characteristics according to the need. But equipment with degree of protection IP 65 and

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Eurovision 2023 fills the world of music with light and color

The historic St. George Hall in Liverpool hosted the 67th edition of the biggest music competition of the year, involving 37 countries and reaching 160 million viewers around the world. But in addition to a competition, Eurovision is also one of the largest displays of audiovisual production. Brands distributed by Stonex exclusively in

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