Prolight + Sound 2022 is celebrated in Frankfurt with the novelties of professional lighting

Sustainability, latest LED technology and inspiration at Prolight + Sound 2022

Prolight + Sound 2022 renews its commitment to a green future by bringing together professional lighting, sound and stage mechanics companies from 30 countries whose technologies are characterized by energy efficiency, the reduction of logistical difficulties and the use of sustainable materials that reduce the footprint ecology of the entertainment sector. after two

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This World Earth Day we tell you all about Ayrton's sustainability strategy.

World Earth Day: sustainability in professional lighting

The climate crisis is the star of this World Earth Day and in the world of professional lighting there is still much to do to continue enabling the technological transition of scenic spaces to LED luminaires. The French brand Ayrton, distributed exclusively by Stonex in Spain, leads this equipment renewal initiative

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cinema lighting for shooting platforms.

Lights, colors, LEDs…and action! Cinema lighting for audiovisual platforms

The film sector resumes the momentum of its large productions and shootings for platforms that are generating original content in each market proliferate. The rental companies for Spanish and international production companies that invest in LED equipment for cinema lighting make them profitable both for the savings in consumption and for their guarantee

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Color Source

8 Keys to stage lighting: why choose LED spotlights?

LED spotlights have many advantages for stage lighting compared to conventional lamps, not only because of the current state bonuses for their installation, but also because of the results and durability they offer. The lighting qualities of LED fixtures in their fixed focus aspect are powers from 100w to 300w that

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Stonex welcomes ESNE students to train them in stage lighting

The students of the Degree in Interior Design of the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology of Madrid, attached to the Camilo José Cela University, visited the Stonex showroom to learn about scenic and architectural lighting and learn about the technical details of our lighting equipment. lights and controls. If something characterizes Stonex

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The Teatro de la Zarzuela is equipped with mobile LED spotlights

The Teatro de la Zarzuela bets on Ayrton's Ghibli and Levante spotlights

The emblematic lyrical space in Madrid, a National Monument since 1998, complements its traditional lighting with Ghibli and Levante spotlights by Ayrton supplied by Stonex to begin the transition to LED and continue creating unique light and color narratives. Innovation in lighting has increased not only the creative possibilities of works, but also

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sharpy xframe

Claypaky Sharpy X Frame: innovation with force

Sharpy X Frame lands with force improving its ancestor in the range, the revolutionary Sharpy, and offering a mobile focus of blades with a reduced size suitable for any space. The SHARPY X FRAME redefines the best features of its family and gives the indispensable Sharpy a twist, integrating a system of

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