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Ten great lighting designers to commemorate International Women's Day

Stage lighting has always been a place where the woman feels comfortable. Today we present you some of the most important illuminators of our time. Many will not know that the history of lighting design has its roots in the work of a woman: Jean Rosenthal. She was in charge of establishing in 1942 the pattern for what is now known as stage lighting design. Previously the lighting of a work depended directly on the electrician under the direction of the director or the set designer.

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Claypaky launches a new wash luminaire inspired by its most successful model

The Italian brand extends its portfolio with this successor of the Aleda B-EYE, designed especially for large outdoor events. In the competitive premium lighting market it is vital to continue reinventing ourselves to launch the best products, those that make the difference and make history. In the case of Claypaky, he managed to be in the mouth of

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Ayrton presents Levante, a new luminaire even smaller and more powerful

The French brand, represented in Spain by Stonex, completes its line of moving heads with Levante, a wash of reduced size. The inclusion of LED devices in the different spaces is transforming the lighting market. Now that power and size are not exclusive values, premium brands in the sector continue to throw heads every

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Move to the LED with the best products and the Stonex guarantee

Theaters, auditoriums and other entertainment institutions have already begun to replace their lighting equipment with a more ecological one, with all the advantages and guarantees that this implies. Today we have LED technology of exceptional quality and that ensures efficient operation for longer than tunsgteno lamps.

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How to learn how to use ETC ETC

ETC EOS is a versatile but easy to learn lighting control system. Here we are going to give you some guidelines on how you can learn to handle it in a simple and complete way.

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From Stonex we launch new MA Lighting course dates for 2019

Like every year, at Stonex we wanted to start this 2019 by calling three new dates for courses in control with grandMA consoles of MA Lighting.
Our training is a success, so this year we have scheduled one course per month during the first three months of the year trying to offer maximum coverage for all people interested in attending.

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Claypaky presents the new Sharpy Plus, its 100% hybrid focus

The Italian brand launches this new mobile head capable of functioning as a spot and beam 8 have already passed years since Claypaky presented the world the Sharpy, a focus that came to revolutionize the lighting market with a power and versatility that amazed. Now, with the release of his successor, the Sharpy

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Stonex new Zactrack partner in Spain

[: en] Stonex is proud to officially announce its partnership with Zactrack, a company specializing in tracking systems for lighting, video and sound from 2005. This union arrives to respond to the growing demand in systems that enhance the precision of lighting work in live events. Based in Vienna, Zactrack has

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AXCOR 300: the most compact range of Clay Paky is LED

As part of an award winning family as the best LED product in the past LDI Las Vegas, the AXCOR 300 range has arrived to offer the market a compact and economical solution that does not skimp on quality or power. The AXCOR 300 range does not go unnoticed among illuminators around the world. It is a solution

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The latest from MA, Clay Paky, ETC and Ayrton arrives in Bilbao with the Entertainment Tour days

[: en] Four major companies in the entertainment and audiovisual sector join forces in a roadshow through Spanish geography. After its visit to Barcelona, ​​the Entertainment Tour arrives in Bilbao with the most powerful products from the entertainment and audiovisual sectors represented by four major companies: Stonex, Alfalite, Comm-tec and RMS Pro Audio. The event

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