Ayrton Hurricane LT 4

Ayrton presents the Huracán-LT, its first long-range LED moving head

Ayrton launches its new long-range LED luminaire. The new Huracán-LT offers an ultra-intense beam, with the great precision of its smaller brothers, but with adequate power for long distances. Ayrton's new luminaire offers an excellent solution for large spaces such as pavilions or stadiums. The commitment to innovation and

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ozone disinfection is effective

Is Ozone disinfection effective and safe?

Ozone disinfection is a disinfection technique that became popular with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The lack of information raised numerous doubts about its effectiveness and also about its safety, as it is a harmful substance for people. In this article we analyze the efficacy and safety of disinfection

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plasa show 2021

The latest lighting novelties land at Plasa Show

PLASA Show, the event that has been held at the Olympia in London dedicated to entertainment technology, reopened its doors to present the latest developments in professional lighting, AV and rigging, with the aim of being a meeting point for the professionals in the sector. The event took place in the past

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air disinfection in dental clinics

Air Disinfection in Dental Clinics, key to creating a safe space

The pandemic has strengthened and praised infection prevention measures in healthcare settings. The presence of aerosols in the work boxes makes it necessary to expand prevention measures to protect our medical staff, workers and patients. In addition, customers place much more value on prevention measures in

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ionization of air for disinfection

Is air ionization effective for disinfection and infection prevention?

A recent study by Boeing on the effectiveness of disinfection using ionization in aircraft and in the laboratory shows low disinfection effectiveness. The study concludes that it is a technology with a low level of research and conclusive results, so it is advisable to resort to traditional disinfection methods or others

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