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Discovering Rhapsodya by Claypaky, the latest evolution of Sinfonya

The family of luminaires Claypaky is expanded with Rhapsodya, a natural evolution of Sinfonya that stands out for its low-noise, multi-spectrum RGBAL LED device.

The recent edition of the LDI fair in Las Vegas was the perfect setting for the long-awaited launch of Rhapsodya, the latest innovation from Claypaky, a renowned Italian brand that is represented in Spain by Stonex. This mobile spotlight follows in the successful footsteps of Sinfonya and comes to the market with significant improvements, of which it stands out especially in precision and color chain.

Additionally, Rhapsodya goes further by incorporating an advanced firmware algorithm. This algorithm ensures rich, vibrant colors, balanced and consistent white, along with individual LED control. With an impressive power of 1200W RGBAL LED and a light output of 24,000 lumens, Rhapsodya manages to redefine color reproduction, offering optimal levels of graphics and color effects. Its exceptional versatility adapts to various contexts, significantly improving the quality and versatility of lighting.

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A look at the evolution of LED lighting

Sharing Sinfonya's innovative features such as ACCUFRAMETM and TONEDOWNTM, Rhapsodya has gone further by introducing new features such as AccuTune, which provides precise control over the multi-color LED engine for vibrant, rich colors, and COLORSTRING, an individual LED control for effects. color and advanced graphics.

Rhapsodya doesn't just illuminate; It becomes an essential tool for professionals in the entertainment industry. Its versatile zoom range allows for exceptional adaptability, providing new creative possibilities for lighting designers and performers on stage.

This innovative device represents a perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics, meeting the demands of the entertainment industry. It becomes the centerpiece of a production, ensuring that each performance is unique and high-impact.

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