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Evo Element: The most versatile evolution of the EVO Portman Lights series

Since its inception in 2016, Portman Lights has demonstrated dedication and passion for stage lighting. This time, it has overcome a new challenge in the design and versatility of its EVO series with the launch of «Evo Element«, thus reinforcing its continued commitment to creativity and innovation in the manufacture of professional stage lighting.

Portman's "EVO" series stands out for its impressive LED power, specially redesigned reflectors and advanced electronics. with a range from 210W to 340W depending on the model. These products maintain the tradition of emulating halogen light with gentle dimming, offering warm colors at 1600K and reaching 3200K at maximum brightness. The versatility of this series is enhanced by the ability to change any pixel as needed, providing designers and artists with a unique creative palette. The EVO Collection features Portman Lights' distinctive hexagonal design, a tribute to the company's iconic products with reference to retro-style honeycombs. Each design is protected by patent, guaranteeing its exclusivity in the market.

What makes EVO ELEMENT unique?

What makes “EVO ELEMENT” unique is its modularity, which allows it to adapt to different shapes, providing designers and artists with an exceptional tool for creative expression.

The real magic happens when “EVO ELEMENT” is combined with E-CONN™, a 4-input connector with a solid connection, perfect shapes and two adjustable arms for quick builds. This is a real dynamic duo as it allows creators to unleash their creativity to the fullest, enabling the creation of structures and levels previously considered too difficult to achieve. The synergy between these two products not only expands creative possibilities, but also redefines the boundaries in lighting design.

Impressive atmospheres and unique style: EVO Element makes its premiere at the LDI Show in Las Vegas

From December 3 to 5, Las Vegas witnessed the long-awaited official debut of the Portman Lights EVO collection at the prestigious LDI Show, an event that stood out as one of the most important in the industry. Attendees of this outstanding exhibition had the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled show and confirm that EVO Portman embodies extreme modularity.

Have you ever experienced seeing photos of a show and feeling like you are transported to an electric atmosphere? This is the purpose of this type of luminaire. Their live presence is considered the pulse of the show, ideal for amplifying the vibrations of the moment and creating unforgettable atmospheres at concerts, festivals, live entertainment, musicals and high-impact shows.

Finally, this product is distinguished not only by its modular nature, but also by its extraordinary versatility. P2 EVO compatibility adds an additional feature of flexibility, allowing users to integrate this product with other items in Portman's EVO line. Learn more about “Evo Element” here:

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