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We develop stage mechanics and rigging projects with the best brands, placing special focus on the control and maintenance of the equipment. We use motors and controls, trusses and structures with the maximum safety certification.

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We help you with the supply of rigging and develop stage mechanics projects

We help you with your rigging project by supplying you with all the material needed, from trusses and structures to motors and motorization controls. Our extensive experience developing scenic mechanic projects gives authority to our engineering team to advise you on your project and develop it comprehensively.

Our team compilates innovation, experience and safety, working with the best brands for your peace of mind, even in very complex projects where motorization, rigging and stage mechanics are a fundamental part. We complement that development with an excellent technical service.

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Rigging and stage mechanic solutions suitable for each space


Rigging and control

We value the control and maintenance of equipment in our projects, working with the most robust brands on the market for fixed-speed motors, variable speed motors, controls ...

Stage mechanics

Trusses and structures

Trusses, aluminum structures and accessories for all kinds of uses, with maximum security and certification.

Stage mechanics

Stage mechanics

Engineering team dedicated to the development of projects for performing spaces such as theaters, auditoriums and other unique spaces.

We work with the best brands

We focus on offering the best service, that is why we work with high quality brands that are committed to our values ​​of innovation and safety, together with our technical attention service to guarantee the success of any rigging, motorization and stage mechanics project.

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