Training is at the core of Stonex

Training is a key aspect to make the most of the possibilities of the products and develop the work of each professional. That is why we offer training on our products and training for professionals in the lighting, stage engineering and mechanics and risk prevention sectors.


Our training is given by professionals with extensive experience in the sector


Our training is directly authorized by our represented brands

Your attention will be personalized to solve your doubts


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Stonex training is the only one in the national market authorized and certified by our brands and given by endorsed professionals. It is also officially certified by the training institutions of our leading brands in the sector: Electronic Theater Controls, Ayrton, MA Lighting, Clay Paky, Ilight from EATON, Lumen Radio and Movecat, among others.

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ETC and ETC EOS webinars

Find out how to get the most out of ETC products and the ETC EOS family with all its news. The webinars are conducted by specialist FTE professionals who work with Stonex and have first-hand knowledge of the products.

In this Stonex free online training on ETC we teach you the best tips that you can see in this YouTube playlist with more than 13 videos. 

How to Light a Live Show for Streaming / Cinema / TV

Juan Carlos Pascual, Brand Manager of ETC at Stonex gives us the keys to illuminating a live show that is going to be recorded for film, television or its broadcast in streaming.


Talk with Carlos Torrijos - Adapting to LED, from the technique in The Lion King to the concept in A Chorus Line

Carlos Torrijos is a great professional and lighting designer for large dance shows, theatres, musicals and events. Here Torrijos shares his vision and experience on the LED transition at a technical and design level. A space where we can chat with him and exchange opinions.

Colloquium with Juanjo Llorens - Confessions between Illuminator and Programmer

A very special session starring one of the best Spanish illuminators, Juanjo Llorens, accompanied by two of his fellow programmers: Rodrigo Ortega and Pablo Zamora. A space where personal and real testimonies will be discussed about the workflow between two key figures in the lighting work of a show: the designer and the programmer.

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