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Stonex lights up 2024 with new features in its training center for lighting control

Anticipating 2024, Stonex has set its goal of creating a new calendar, marking the beginning of our training center. This program will be particularly focused on the latest innovations and upcoming software update for the ETC and Hog 4 lighting consoles.

We start the new year with training on the new EOS and Hog 4 software. Our intention is to provide high-quality professional training to the lighting industry, allowing them to fully explore ETC's EOS lighting consoles and the Hog 4 series, two key elements in the entertainment industry.

ETC, a reference brand in the lighting sector, continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and the development of technologies that adapt to the changing needs of the market.

What will you find in these courses?

hog 4 by ETC stonex formations professional lighting and control in madrid

In these courses, participants will be able to access detailed information on the latest software updates and technological innovations that are driving lighting to more advanced levels. From enhanced functionality to cutting-edge techniques, our courses are designed to allow every project to reach its full potential.

At Stonex, we are committed to offering learning opportunities aligned with market changes and innovations in the field of lighting. If you would like more information about these courses and how to enroll, do not hesitate to contact us by following this link:

We are excited for this new chapter and hope to count on your participation to illuminate the future together!

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Do you want to know more about the ETC and Hog4 formations?

At Stonex we are distributors of leading brands in professional lighting and control such as ETC. We also develop lighting and engineering and stage mechanics projects. We have a strong commitment to training in the field.

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