Stonex and ETC include new hog consoles to their portfolio 2

Stonex reinforces its leadership in the future of lighting by integrating ETC's Hog 4 consoles

Stonex, with more than four decades of excellence in the professional lighting and stage engineering industry, takes a decisive step by adding ETC's Hog4 consoles to its portfolio. This significant move not only cements Stonex as an industry leader, but also reinforces its unwavering commitment to innovation in professional lighting.

Thanks to his more than 40 years of experience, Stonex has proven to be a leader in the field of professional lighting and stage project engineering. Since its origin in the entertainment sector, the company has continuously grown the market, providing high quality products and anticipating the demands of a sector as demanding as entertainment.

The strategic inclusion of ETC Hog consoles reflects the proactive and innovative vision on which we have been working since our beginnings. ETC products, ranging from lighting consoles to luminaires and accessories, are widely praised for their assurance of excellence and versatility. The Hog consoles, highly recognized in the US market and which stand out in the lighting control of live events, significantly expand the Stonex offering.

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Innovation and a firm commitment to the future of the market

The professional lighting industry is constantly changing, so it is essential to anticipate the next steps. ETC's commitment to continued development to include significant improvements in Hog ​​console technology is one of the highlights of this collaboration.

In this way, Stonex reaffirms its commitment to the technological forefront and excellence by announcing this strategic addition to its portfolio. This action is not just a step, but a testament to Stonex's unwavering commitment with innovation and the ability to provide exceptional lighting solutions.

With the tools necessary to navigate the constant evolution of the industry, Stonex not only leads the present but is also strongly positioned to consolidate the path to the future of professional lighting. We invite you to stay tuned for our next developments, as we will be prepared to navigate towards new horizons in the industry. A future that promises to illuminate the path of innovation and excellence in professional lighting.

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At Stonex we are distributors of leading brands in professional lighting and control such as ETC. We also develop lighting and engineering and stage mechanics projects.

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