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Rivale Profile, Ayrton's latest revolution

Ayrton presents its new Rivale Profile, a luminaire IP65 High-performance designed to offer great creative possibilities in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Rival inaugurates the new family of Ultimate luminaires from Ayrton that maintain the same design line, with advanced equipment and a series of common features and technological advances to offer a weight/performance ratio never before achieved.

Ayrton has worked on getting a very light equipment Taking into account its range of features, with a weight of only 28Kg that guarantees great performance and allows quick movements and continuous pan and tilt rotation. The moving head incorporates a new high-efficiency 450w LED module calibrated at 6500K that offers an output of 30.000 lumens.

As is usual with the French brand, the optical section stands out for its great performance thanks to a set of 13-lens optics that achieve a zoom with a 13:1 ratio and an opening of 4º to 52º which gives us many scenic possibilities. With the Rivale it is also possible to achieve an ultra-intense 4º beam like that of the renowned Ayrton LT versions. This is possible thanks to its 160mm front lenses.

An excellent color section and great graphic possibilities

The color section is based on a new high-definition progressive CMY color mixing system that achieves perfect color reproduction as soon as the filter is inserted, regardless of the color combination we have selected. Its progressive CTO makes it possible to achieve a color temperature between 2700 to 6500K with great precision.

Although it is a very versatile team, the new Rivale is a profile focus and for this It has a precise knife system with 4 blades capable of positioning on the entire surface and a rotation of ±90º. It also has a beam mode to optimize the light beam thanks to its 15-leaf iris.

A careful graphic section is one of Ayrton's hallmarks and in the case of the Rivale it could not be less. The luminaire incorporates 15 high-definition glass gobos on two wheels, a rotating one with seven positions and a fixed one with eight positions. With the Rivale it is possible to achieve a wide variety of effects thanks to its monochromatic animation wheel, two rotating prisms that can be combined with each other and two Frost filters.

Rival Eng1
Rival Top1

Innovation to facilitate installation

Ayrton has not only thought about technological innovation in terms of performance and meeting the needs of illuminators. Rivale has been designed to make installation as easy as possible. Its compact design and reduced weight of only 28kg for this type of luminaire makes it easy to handle. In this line, a handle system has been designed at a higher height that, together with the ergonomic design, makes it very easy to manipulate and handle the equipment.

The Rivale is the ideal high-performance option for fixed installations by reducing maintenance with the protection IP65, but also a tireless touring companion as it makes handling much easier and is capable of offering all its performance in aggressive atmospheres.

The new Rivale Profile is unique on the market, its innovation allows for a versatile profile luminaire, capable of offering excellent performance in any environment, with good beam control and unlimited color and effect possibilities.

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