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The 3 characteristics why Ayrton's Kyalami is the most anticipated laser luminaire

With its unique design, extreme miniaturization and ability to generate stunning visual effects, Ayrton's Kyalami laser luminaire redefines the standards of architectural and stage lighting. You want to know more? We detail the 3 keys that make it the best option to unleash creativity in each lighting project.

In 2015, Ayrton launched the revolutionary MAGICDOT, an exceptional and completely creative luminaire that marked a milestone in the world of lighting. Nine years later, with solid experience in manufacturing laser source luminaires, Ayrton has developed Kyalami, the first phosphor laser source luminaire in its Creative Solution series based on the MAGICDOT concept, which was presented in the last edition of Prolight+Sound 2024. We won't have to wait too long to be able to enjoy Kyalami in action for the first time in a world show, since we will be able to enjoy this luminary at Eurovision 2024.

1. Unique design: miniaturization and minimalism with IP65 rating

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Ayrton's Kyalami design is a perfect synthesis of elegance and functionality. With a minimalist shape and compact construction, this laser luminaire stands out for its modern aesthetics and its ability to adapt to a wide range of environments. Its extremely miniaturized cylindrical design, with a sphere of only 265 mm that incorporates its 100 W laser module, allows for flexible and discreet installation, while its front, with a strategically positioned lens, provides a unique visual signature. With carefully designed details and precision engineering, Kyalami not only offers exceptional performance, but also elevates the aesthetic appearance of any space where it is installed.

Kyalami adopts a minimalist style due to the Simplified waterproofing and continuous rotation of pan and tilt movement, increasing the possibilities to generate complex effects and making this luminaire a universal tool capable of facing any challenge in all conditions.

In addition, IP65 rating ensures exceptional resistance to dust and water. Whether at outdoor events, architectural installations exposed to the elements or in humid conditions, Ayrton's Kyalami offers safe and long-lasting performance, ensuring high quality lighting in any situation.

2. Phosphor laser source

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Kyalami is the first luminaire in Ayrton's Creative Solution series to use a phosphor laser source. This cutting-edge technology provides high-quality, speckle-free light and enables perfect color reproduction with a D65 white point, ensuring exceptionally precise and vibrant illumination by taking advantage of the unique combination of laser and phosphor. Furthermore, this latest generation laser source allows for remarkable energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and long-term operating costs.

3. Unparalleled graphic and creative capacity

The graphic and creative capabilities of Ayrton's Kyalami are truly impressive, offering lighting designers a wide range of possibilities to create captivating and unique visual effects. Kyalami is provided with an innovative color section that includes a progressive high-definition CMY color mixing system and a multi-position, instant-access color wheel equipped with five corrective filters and 17 complementary color filters. Additionally, this luminaire offers a wide selection of 29 fixed metal gobos designed to sculpt light in 'beam mode''. These gobos can be mixed with two individually combinable rotating prisms allowing you to produce a multitude of volumetric lighting effects. A light and heavy frost filter completes the palette of graphics tools.

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Ayrton's new luminaire has a 126 mm front lens positioned in the continuity of the sphere which provides Kyalami with a unique visual signature. Additionally, the patented three-lens optical system produces an intensive 1° beam, delivering a record luminous flux of 400,000 lux at 10 m.

This versatility is complemented by the ability to adjust the focus and shape of the light beam, allowing for complete customization of effects. Whether in live events, theater productions, architectural installations or any other creative environment, the Kyalami delivers exceptional performance and unparalleled flexibility to take creative visions to the next level.

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