The most notable new features of Prolight + Sound 2024

Like every year, Prolight + Sound becomes more than just a trade exhibition for the global lighting industry; is an event that celebrates creativity, innovation and passion for live entertainment.

Prolight+Sound 2024 has been marked by great developments that offer an exciting vision of the future of event, lighting and sound technology. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the advanced holographic technology, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) and eco-friendly lighting have been some of the innovations that almost 25.000 visitors who attended the more than 500 exhibitors

Claypaky: countless applications with IP66

Under the motto “Leading through innovation”, Claypaky highlighted its pioneering and trend-setting spirit during the fair. The main focus was on his revolutionary «Multispectral family», with special attention on his newest member, Rhapsodya. The latter showcased her potential in exciting 12-minute shows, scheduled for every hour.

In addition to these teams, we were able to meet the 3 new members of the Shield Family IP66.

prolightsound new claypaky

Can you imagine a compact luminaire that perfectly integrates beam, wash and strobe effects? Claypaky showed that it is possible with the help of Volero Cube. This moving head is equipped with 4 powerful 60W RGBW LEDs and cool white LED strips for the strobe light, Volero Cube allows pixel-by-pixel control for unlimited customization.

In addition, the Italian brand presented to attendees the Mini-B Aqua PX, the latest addition to the Mini-B family, acclaimed for its flexibility, lightweight design, ultra-fast tilt movements and adding pixel-by-pixel control. Along with this, we were able to know the Panify 2, a motorized platform with unparalleled flexibility and exceptional precision. Whether at concerts, theater productions or corporate events, Panify 2 is ready to elevate the lighting experience to a new level.

Apart from the novelties that were presented during the Claypaky fair, We had the opportunity to enjoy exciting live demonstrations of some of their products recently released, including Rhapsodya, Symphony Profile 600, Skylos, Arolla Aqua, HY B-Eye K15 Aqua, Actoris Profile FC, CloudIO and Buddylight.

Ayrton surprised everyone with his 2 new moving heads

With an established reputation as cutting-edge lighting technology, Ayrton wowed attendees with some of the most innovative products to date. The luminaries Kyalami y Nando 502 Wash They were the great novelties that the French company presented at Prolight + Sound 2024.

stand ayrton pls

Kyalami surprised everyone with its compact design and its laser light source that allows installation of multiple luminaires at a minimum distance. A sphere of only 265 mm incorporates your 100 watt laser module with cooling system and optics. He patented three-lens optical system produces an intense 1° beam, providing a record luminous flux of 400.000 lux at 10m. Also Kyalami It is equipped with a ground-breaking color section that includes a high-definition progressive CMY color mixing system and a multi-position instant access color wheel equipped with five corrective filters and 17 filters complementary colors.

El Nando 502 Wash It gets its name from its power output of almost 500 watts and its "2" designation, indicating that it is the second version of the original Nandobeam series. This device, named in honor of the Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso, represents a significant improvement compared to its predecessor. Versatile and lightweight, with a 20% weight reduction, you can instantly switch from beam to wash with an excellent 15:1 zoom ratio and a 3,5° to 53° zoom range. It is equipped with 12 high-performance 40-watt LED sources with RGB-L additive color synthesis and a patented optical system composed of a unique group of 210 mm in PMMA. Furthermore, this novelty can reach a luminous flux of 10.000 lumens and offer a perfectly homogeneous mix of pastel or saturated colors.

prolightsound news ayrton 1

ETC and its new technologies

The visitors of the stand de ETC They had the opportunity to explore first-hand the latest technologies in lighting, control and stage machinery in mini-presentations in which complete system solutions were analyzed and some of the new developments were closely examined.


Among the highlights, visitors were able to learn about the new software update of HOG4, including a Major overhaul of the color management system, with significant changes to the device library, color picker, gels, palettes, effects and pixel mapping among other improvements.

Regarding the luminaires, one of the notable novelties was the arrival of the ColorSource PAR jr, the compact version of the famous ColorSource PAR offers a four-color array (red, green, blue and lime green), ensuring vibrant colors and high-quality white light in a surprisingly small format. Despite its size, This luminaire emits more than 2300 lumens, ideal for stage and outdoor applications that demand absolute silence.

prolightandsound news ColorSource par jr etc
ETC ColorSource PAR jr Luminaires

Finally, the entire range of ETC X8 colors could be seen with the latest in LED lighting: Source Four LED Series 3, 4” and 10” fos/5 Fresnel, Desire Fresnel and more. In addition, during the four days of the fair all attendees were able to see the latest in stage machinery in action, including the Prodigy P2 lifting system.

Portman opts for elegance and functionality with Amulet

Portman took advantage of the fair to present its latest stage luminary, the Amulet. With an elegant and modern design, their appearance makes them standout pieces in both commercial and residential spaces. Behind its elegant design, the Amulet luminaires They are equipped with cutting-edge lighting technology. With options including High energy efficient LED and intelligent control systems, these luminaires not only offer impressive lighting, but also a long-term sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Innovations in Rigging, stage mechanics and lighting control

prolightandsound new moveket 1

The brand of motors Moveket was present at Prolight + Sound 2024 with its I-MOTION-SYSTEMEXPERT-T III control systems characterized by their precision, durability and innovation. He Expert-T III It is a solution that can handle up to 240 units simultaneously. With advanced features such as live backup (when using two devices or the I-MOTION server), it provides a real-time panoramic view of your environment in 3D, plus collision monitoring, fully synchronized movements and many more capabilities. . Sixty82 also had its place at the show with its most recent range of trusses, incorporating design improvements to its models.

Finally, LumenRadio demonstrated its latest innovation in architectural lighting: the Galileo MAX, the most recent addition to the Galileo series of products for fixed wireless DMX installations.

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