Portman EVO Collection

Portman EVO Collection: The iconic luminaires now in LED

The new series combines past and future in the same luminaire, maintaining the design but taking a step towards LED lighting.

If we think of Portman The familiar hexagonal halogen fixtures used in countless concerts, TV shows, and movies quickly come to mind. This time Portman has decided to incorporate into its catalogue, as we could already see in the ISE 2023, this new EVO series, giving a breath of fresh air to its halogen versions P1 Retro Lamp, P2 Hexaline and P3 PIX3L.

La EVO collection is based on the already iconic P1, P2 and P3 luminaires, but with powerful LED light sources, emulation of pure tungsten and glow RGBW. The reflectors are now more attractive and the new high-quality electronics take these fixtures to another level of illumination.

The design remains, but the power and control evolve

Portman EVO Collection
Portman P1 EVO

Portman It continues to bet on the same retro design that they have been marketing since its inception with its retro P1 and its characteristic hexagonal honeycomb shape, keeping its essence alive.

These new collection LED varies in power depending on the model, from 210W of P1 EVO, 300W of P2 EVO and the 340W of P3 EVO, reducing consumption, but perfectly emulating tungsten incandescence, creating an ideal atmosphere for concerts.

As for the color temperature, we can go from 1600 K in low intensity with warmer colors up to 3200 K maximum to achieve a more intense brightness, giving us a wide range of possibilities when choosing the warmth, while, On the other hand, the sources RGBW they fill the reflectors with color so that we can play with it depending on what we want to show on stage. These new luminaires also allow greater control by offering us different dimming curves or strobe mode.

On the other hand, this new EVO series It is equipped with 5 pin XLR input and output control connectors. Each luminaire has 6 DMX modes with a wide variety of channels (9-47 Ch on the P3 EVO, 12-67 Ch on the P2 EVO and 13-77 Ch on the P1 EVO), support for the RDM protocol, built-in macros and adds the possibility of using a WDMX module to be able to control the luminaires remotely.

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