The new Ayrton Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX arrive for stage lighting.

Ayrton launches Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX transforming stage lighting with its unique color mix on the market

The new family of Zonda 9 Wash and FX luminaires with a high-performance 40W LED source and RGB+W additive color synthesis allows for homogeneous mixtures and also separates light sources to enhance contrast. It is the definitive solution for round stage lighting that is at the forefront of the technological transition of theaters and auditoriums. In addition, the improvement in the cooling of the new Ayrton Zonda 9 ensures that air conditioning costs are reduced and its compact and lightweight Slim-21 format TM simplifies the work of technicians.

The new family of Ayrton share the same patented optical system consisting of a large 384mm diameter sphere with 37 PMMA lenses and that, when combined with 37 glass light guides with optical microstructure, allows to reach a 25.000 lumen power. Your systems 4 RGBW colors ensure homogeneous mix of pastels and saturated, whatever combination is chosen, and a uniform beam without color shadows capable of configuring 4290 tones with a high level of fidelity (CRI of <86).

Zonda 9 Wash

These newly developed equipment Ayrton they share qualities, perfected for optimal performance on stage so as not to miss the results of incandescent lamps. It is the case of your dimmer electronic with light adjustment from 0 to 100% without color variation and with white or color strobe effect with adjustable speed from 1 to 25 flashes per second. They also integrate the automatic PAN and TILT repositioning in its infinite rotation range, to correct any accidental displacement of the lighting autonomously.

Ayrton Zonda 9 Wash: a marvel of technology applied to creativity

It all starts with the Zonda 9 Wash that Ayrton has released as first luminaire of this family called to star in the design of lights on stage, with simplified lens guide systems and an increasingly intelligent internal design to reduce the size and weight of wash making it 100% adaptable to the stage space.

Coloring has a new meaning with the Zonda 9 Wash cuyo wide sphere optical system ensures perfect color rendering and reinforces the level of contrast expanding the play of light on stage. Also, your color library has programmed an entire color palette designed together with the best lighting professionals, which ensures that the most used resources are always at hand.

The new Zonda 9 Wash with its 50mm truncated transmitting lens and optical area equivalent to that of a 70mm round lens, achieves a very intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range of 4,0° to 56°. This gives the necessary flexibility to control each concentric circle and adjust the size of the emitting surface and the power of the luminaire according to the show.

As a culmination, the new focus wash from Ayrton an advanced cooling system with self-adjusting variable speed fans for silent operation in automatic mode and other selectable stage and studio modes to protect the equipment from excess temperatures depending on the context and without interfering with the work with annoying noises.

Ayrton Zonda 9 FX: cutting-edge performance in a moving head version

All the functionalities of the Zonda 9 Wash are transferred to the versatility of a moving spotlight with the Zonda 9FXWhose continuous rotation thanks to IRS infinite pan and tilt axes TM allows you to expand the applications of its powerful luminaire to any scenic need. Given the range of possibilities it offers, has choice of 3 DMX modes: from 26 to 199 DMX channels.

The main improvement over the model wash is that LED cell profiles light up, and individual control of each LED makes it possible to create 3D volumetric effects with the beam of light. In addition, they include Liquid Effect technology TMwhich produces a high definition liquid effect between your main lenses to create complex graphic effects, which can be used alone and in beam, wash or in conjunction with the main LED array.

The new Arton Zonda 9 FX brings together all the features of the Zonda 9 Wash applied to a moving head.

The Zonda 9 FX's high-resolution stepper motors -operated through microprocessors- guarantee extreme precision and very smooth movements., that do not compromise the scenic lighting design. with your updated flicker-free light source management, is a team with the solidity necessary to also illuminate television and events in streaming.

Advantages of betting on the latest in LED fixtures for stage lighting

The obvious energy efficiency that validates the LED luminaires as the main protagonists of the technological transition for different scenic spaces It is not the only benefit of teams like the ones recently presented by Ayrton. Due to its low consumption, which fully affects the electricity bill and air conditioning, it also reduces the need for space inside the devices to ensure their cooling.

The Ayrton Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX weigh only 29,2kg consuming 1.400W and with a power of 25.000 lumens. Thus, it is possible to generate a more intense beam with fewer resources, without compromising the result of the colors on the scene and with the advantage offered by the LED to be able to direct the light towards the desired area without losing heat, increasing uniformity.

Detail of the LED of the Ayrton Zonda 9 Wash and FX.

In line with a more compact and lightweight format, LED power supplies, being low voltage, minimize the risks of manipulation by lighting technicians. In addition, the new generations of LED lamps such as those of Ayrton's Zonda 9 family produce almost zero heat loss and have an estimated useful life of 40.000 hours.

A technology at the service of creativity that is Easily amortized due to its low consumption and duration, and which also greatly helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. and not generate ultraviolet or infrared light. An win-win for any stage space today.

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