Portman Lights introduces the new S-Tribe spotlight

Portman Lights launches the S-Tribe with which to recover the original authenticity of the light

The new S-Tribe stage luminaire seeks to connect with the roots of the Polish brand, specialized in LED lamps that emulate the warmth of tungsten, and offers an opening range that allows its use in large structures and saturation options to reinvent games of color in shows.

The return to the origins of light that proposes Portman Lights has as protagonists five LED light sources that work in the range of 1600-2900 K with all the benefits of incandescence, smooth dimming and high power in its white light beam. The S-Tribe seeks to excite and for us to connect with a more creative use of light regardless of the characteristics of the scenarios.

What features make the S-Tribe perfect for stage lighting

The light sources give off a nice warm beam, and when turned on at 100% the light is very powerful, next to them are the ten separate RGBW LED sources which, thanks to their color mixing and wide range of saturation, can change by complete the nature of the product and multiply the disposal options.

As equipment intended for stage lighting, its level of fidelity in color reproduction is very high (CRI>90), thus combining the power and low consumption features of the LED (280W) with colors typical of incandescence that make any scenery grow.

The adaptability of the S-Tribe to stage lighting is also due to that dimmers that control the main 16-bit light sources and make color changes and blends very smooth. Since the device has from 12 to 97 DMX channels, the Art-Net control option has been added, in addition to the standard DMX connector and the one compatible with RDM or W-DMX.

In addition, the shape of the spotlight is irregular and it is equipped with a Quick Joint System ™ without screws to join one luminaire to another, to a base and to adapters or other supports to mount it on larger structures forming long lines, walls, curves, figures... Each fixture is about 120 cm high and 15 cm wide and linked by its long sides in various configurations, it creates eye-catching structures thanks to the trapezoidal lighting reflectors.

Detail of the independent lighting of the LED cells of the new S-Tribe by Portman Lights.

Since the adapters and brackets on larger structures are constantly rotating, the S-Tribe has the Autor Orientation™ functionality, which allows the channel to be reoriented autonomously, simplifying the programming of the focus in structures. If you play the effect on the fixture from top to bottom and turn it upside down, the effect will continue to play from top to bottom.

Not only the quality of the luminaires guides the work of the Polish brand, but also the usefulness of its products made with the best materials so that they are easy to use by technicians. In line with their dedication to detail, they offer the possibility of choose the color of the luminaire structure from four predefined shades or from a color palette to customize it.

Portman Lights Company, founded in Poland in 2016, has a passion for professional stage lighting and its luminaire solutions are based on iconic designs with the most in-demand features. With a presence in more than 50 countries and a wide agenda of shows, concerts and television programs that trust the brand for their lighting designs, its position as a benchmark in decorative stage lighting is increasingly solid.

New LED spotlight from Portman Lights S-Tribe.

Stonex es official distributor of Portman Lights in Spain and with its more than 40 years of experience in professional lighting, it does not limit itself to supplying premium equipment, but offers comprehensive lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural and emergency lighting sectors. In addition, it has a team of technicians specialized in the appliance maintenance and repair of all its high-end brands.

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