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8 Keys to stage lighting: why choose LED spotlights?

LED spotlights have many advantages for stage lighting compared to conventional lamps, not only because of the current state bonuses for their installation, but also because of the results and durability they offer.

The lighting qualities of LED fixtures in their fixed focus aspect are powers from 100w to 300w that replace and exceed incandescent fixtures from 1000w to 2000w. In the case of mobile spotlights, efficiency is coupled with lower maintenance costs and noise. Although undoubtedly the key to his success for stage lighting lies in the fact that both LED technology devices provide new color management tools that do not exist in conventional devices

Very profitable equipment for the technological transition of stage lighting

In the current context of rising energy prices and ecological pressure, the priority is to achieve sustainable theater lighting Therefore, many spaces opt for a progressive investment in LED and for the new devices to coexist with conventional luminaires for a time in a transitional hybrid system. With this it manages to improve the efficiency of theater lighting in active spaces that do not want or cannot make a large initial outlay, without giving up the highest light quality.

What do we talk about when we talk about lights, colors, LEDs…

In conventional theater lighting based on fixed spotlights, the color is achieved through filtering, so that a single spotlight results in a single color. In the case of the LED spotlights equipped with seven and eight color systems, in each fixture there is the entire color palette and the creative and artistic possibilities therefore multiply. Next, we will go into the what are the advantages of fixed and mobile LED fixtures with up to seven and eight colors compared to conventional luminaires for theater lighting.

1. Lower consumption and number of devices in a lighting design:

The reduction of energy consumption not only has to do with its efficiency, but also with the fact that a single ETC LED fixed spotlight can with the 8 color system offers a wide variety of colours, similar to incandescence but with great versatility and can therefore replace an average of 2 to 4 conventional fixtures.

For example, the focus of Ayrton model Levante-S has a consumption 36% less than its equivalent in a conventional lamp. In the case of cuts, the Source Four LED Series 3 de ETC consume 76% less than its equivalent in lamp power. While the moving heads of Clay Paky Ring Profile MP generate 41% less consumption than its equivalent in a conventional lamp.

2. LED guarantee far superior to traditional lamps:

While incandescent lamps have between 500 and 1000 hours of useful life, the LEDs still exceed their estimated duration of 20 years (which with an average consumption is calculated at 54.000 hours). However, it is understood that after two decades the lamps will probably be outdated and a technology upgrade is in order.

ETC LED chips have up to 10 years warranty.
ETC's LED chips have up to 10 years warranty.

In this regard, the guarantees offered by ETC in their LED luminaires they are unbeatable: 5-year warranty on the fixture body and 10-year warranty on the LED chip, which is tested with the test «L-70» in labs factors that take into account the degradation of the LED and the construction of the device and they have concluded that after 54.000 hours the devices will only generate 70% of the original output or output signal.

3. Maximum energy efficiency and creative possibilities:

Much of the electrical energy used in the LED fixtures is converted into light and there is no loss in heat as is the case with incandescent lamps, where there are many energy losses and part of this is converted into heat, which increases the cooling costs of the scenic spaces. In the case of the fixed LED spotlight, it not only consumes less but also it needs less powerful electrical connections, which means a double saving on the electricity bill.

LED lamps increase the possibilities of stage lighting.

The most direct consequence of the LED transition is a decrease in energy consumption, but the key lies in the power they guarantee and the additional tools they offer compared to traditional luminaires for more sophisticated light designs. For example the Ayrton Ghibli moving lights offer a light output of 23.000 lumens with CMYK color mixing and complementary color and gobo wheels, while the Desire Fresnel by ETC ensure brighter, more efficient light throughout the 13-55 degree zoom range. Another milestone is in the LED luminaire with blades of Claypaky Sinfonya Profile 600 whose cut is 40 times more precise than traditional systems.

4. Savings in maintenance and consumables:

like led lights they do not need frequent lamp changes there is a lower maintenance cost and the technical work is less complex and recurrent; Reduces the use of stairs, elevators and other forms of access that increase risk and assembly times. While conventional lights need accessories to overcome their technical limitations such as color filters, LED luminaires have all color palettes integrated, and do not require replacement lamps or stocking.

Change of lamps for stage lighting.
Replacement of lamps carried out by a lighting technician.

Therefore, the LED is specially designed for all those lighting positions that are difficult to access, where the maxim is to avoid wasting time changing a lamp requiring some help structure, and also reduces the risk of occupational accidents.

5. Less risk of burns and electrical risk:

Traditional 1000w and 2000w incandescent fixtures overheat and are a source of risk for operators who have to handle them while they are on, often at the foot of stairs or elevators. The new LEDs from 100w to 300w do not have this problem, since consumption is much lower and they are designed to dissipate heat, in addition to entailing much less electrical risk for the technician..

6. Versatility in short assembly times: 

The appliances of LEDs are especially suitable for spaces that have several productions at the same time or that have little time for lighting changes.. A single LED spotlight can fulfill several functions in one or several productions, thus reducing assembly and execution times.

First pass of a function with LED stage lighting.
Detail of a musical theater show illuminated with ETC Source Four's LED spotlights.

7. Bonuses for Energy Efficiency:

Due to the ecological commitments signed by Spain and throughout Europe, the purchase of These LED equipment offers the possibility of applying for government subsidy programs for Energy Efficiency and Digitization.

Get to know some of our stage lighting projects

In Spain, Stonex distributes high-end professional lighting brands such as ETC, Claypaky o Ayrton and also develops engineering and stage lighting projects. As a national reference in this sector, throughout our more than forty years of experience we have worked with the most emblematic public and private theaters, with large auditoriums, museums and other unique performing spaces.

The Valladolid Theater renews its lighting by adding LED fixtures.
View of the stage of the Calderón Theater in Valladolid with the new LED lights.

Between the most recent LED transition projects that we have carried out is the endowment of Ayrton Ghibli and Levante supplied to Zarzuela Theater to complement their traditional lights and gain in narrative resources with light; The installation of five ESR3 48 Sensor 3 dimmers and the new ETR15AFR and ETR25 AFR modules for monitoring with Conductor and Concert in the Calderón Theater; or lighting based on 24 Source Four LED Series 2 for Theater Lliure in Barcelona. As for equipping television sets with LED equipment, Stonex has been responsible for the integration of 25 units of ETC's Source Four LED Daylight HD Series 2 In several studies of Spanish Radio Television.

And it is that Stonex services include a wide range of projects, lighting, comprehensive solutions for the entertainment sector, architecture and emergency lighting. But the main thing is that Stonex's technical and human team develops from the design, supply and installation of stage lighting equipment to maintenance and repair of premium lighting fixtures.

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