Sixty 82 Alpha 82 modular truss

Alpha 82, the innovative Modular Truss of Sixty82 has been designed to offer great flexibility of use

Thanks to its patented modular design, a wide variety of structures can be built with just a few interchangeable parts. The modular system of the Alpha 82 saves up to 75% of space in transport and storage, significantly reducing costs.

Sixty 82 is the protagonist of the greatest innovation in rigging of the last decade, designing an easily reconfigurable modular system. With Alpha 82 ingenuity can be unleashed, using a smaller inventory, without having to purchase a large number of fixed structures to meet creative needs.

This system allows for a higher return on investment by using a single standard for all parts. Supports L52R and XL101R truss standards and maintains the same robustness as these models. The parts of the Alpha 82 truss are available in 4 lengths of 50, 100, 200 and 300 cm, and have different connectors to build the truss in different ways according to the needs.

In this way, it is possible to create structures of different size and shape, to support trolley rails, curtain rails, machinery, motors, or to hook claws, anchors, hooks and other accessories such as wheels. It is also possible to stack two truss horizontally or vertically to obtain different structures.

Despite its modular design, the Alpha 82 is capable of exceeding the supported loads of standard options such as the L52SAlthough if few pieces are used or the design is lightened, it is necessary to analyze the structure.

Sixty 82 offers a sustainable solution, which saves large storage and transport costs, thus reducing the emissions derived from the transport of rigging structures that occupy a large volume.

With this technological advance, Sixty 82, of which Stonex is an official distributor in Spain, it is consolidated as one of the most effective and flexible rigging options, with the best possible return on investment.

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