Clay Paky presents the Linear Tambora and Flash Tambora

Clay Paky expands its family of effects lights with Tambora Linear and Tambora Flash

This Prolight + Sound 2022 has left us launches such as the new Clay Paky Tambora Linear and Tambora Flash model effects lights, which are part of the brand's family of effects lighting, in constant innovation and improvement of the sustainability of its products. .

Last year Clay Paky made its debut with the Tambora Batten in the world of effect lights and is expanding its catalog with more sophisticated, original and high-quality proposals. While the Tambora Batten LED bar offers high power and pixel mapping to modulate color, dimming and strobes of each cell of its 16 LEDs with RGB+W technology, the new devices that it has presented at the fair also address other needs of effect lighting with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Tambora Linear: the new static LED bar to paint pixel art effects

Clay Paky has designed a Hybrid LED bar that is sleek and lightweight to best fit everything from TV studios or movie sets to major tours. With its advanced pixel mapping, the Linear Tambora allows you to create lighting that is as decorative as it is versatile, since it incorporates two complementary effects in the same device:

1 - A backlight powered by a 400 pixel LED systems with RGB technology that emulates that of a high definition LED wall. This LED matrix can be controlled separately as 16 LED cells in 25 groups to provide high quality motion graphics;

2 - A powerful strobe effect generated by a central line of 200 super powerful white LEDs, capable of reproducing the behavior of the best strobe lights on the market. This effect can also be controlled through 25 different areas, offering complete programming versatility.

Tambora Linear is Clay Paky's new hybrid LED bar.

To manage all the graphic content of the Linear Drum, Clay Paky has integrated the Advanced Layers Management function into its LED bars to unleash the creativity of lighting designs by allowing different levels of effects to be used simultaneously.. It also has many built-in effects and can be used in advanced mode and simple mode when DMX is not available or the setup requires a quick fix.

El Tambora Linear can be easily connected with various units and then operated as a complete accessory from the control software. For more flexibility in making compositions with this LED bar, the more compact Tambora Linear 60 version is specially designed for use in tight environments.

Claypaky also offers a wide range of filters as accessories that shape the light beam with a frost effect or increase pixel readability with the "neutral density" filter, which is very useful for TV and film applications by improving the result on camera.

Tambora Flash: the three-in-one accessory to achieve impressive effects

It is the only hybrid accessory on the market capable of function simultaneously as a strobe, wash and blinder. It is specifically designed to be modular for use in a linear array, offering lighting designers new creative opportunities to bring light impact to any show.

Tambora Flash is Clay Paky's effect lighting for exteriors.

The stroboscopic section is based on two strips of very powerful white LEDs and a wide beam angle opening, while the blinder and wash functions are obtained thanks to 4 large central RGB+W LED reflectors of 100 W each., individually controllable for each function via Advanced Layers Management.

Both the strobe and blinding effects are so visually stunning that they can be perfectly appreciated at concerts and live events in broad daylight thanks to the presence of Warm White and colored LEDs.. Another added value for using this outdoor accessory is that it has IP66 weather protection for outdoor use.

Clay Paky Flash Drum offers a wide range of colors in its LED cells.

In addition, this LED fixture offers two modes of quick coupling and adjustment of each individual fixture within the group at an angle of 30°, to suit each stage application. Various horizontal and vertical combinations can be made between various Tambora Flash units to create larger structures for use in stadiums and other large spaces.

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