The new Ayrton Cobra is now available.

Ayrton launches Cobra, its first laser source with IP65 protection for guaranteed visual impact

The long-awaited Ayrton Cobra that we have had the opportunity to enjoy at Prolight+Sound 2022 and at the recent ISE 2022 is released, and which represents a laser phosphor source capable of illuminating objects several kilometers away with its Dreamspot 18K technology and classification IP65 for use outdoors in any weather.

The French brand has inaugurated its career in laser lighting in style after several years of research to condense the best technology and adapt it to the real needs of the lighting designers and the demands of the great shows that are regaining momentum after the pandemic. That is why the Cobra is a Factory laser phosphor source designed to generate a D65 white point and reproduce color without smearing, improving visible results for ShowIt's large.

The new Ayrton Cobra improves laser performance in terms of color.

A unique visual experience on the market

This is a new generation of high-impact spotlights that began with the development of the 18K Dreamspot technology which Ayrton presented in the Prolight+Sound 2016. But the leap in quality is substantial compared to what was seen then in Frankfurt: the Cobra takes the definition of the beam and its native contrast with a CRI greater than 65 and a 0,6° beam angle, while its XT-Focus™ technology enables an extreme focus range to adjust the beam shape to any application.

And it is that in a matter of lighting objects several kilometers away, the Cobra is unrivaled, since its output of 386.000 lux at 20 m allows to preserve intact its power of 6500 K with a low consumption of 260 W. Furthermore, the 38x zoom ratio with a range of 0,6° to 23° expands the light readjustment options of your optical system with 13 lenses and 170mm front lens.

The Cobra is a totally versatile device capable of illuminating great distances.

Another of the qualities of the Cobra is its balance, with a simpler waterproofing of the luminaire thanks to its EasyProtect-65™, which lightens the fixture and which, together with continuous rotation for pan and tilt movements, makes it possible to create complex effects (Multi-IRS ™) and very spectacular in any type of scenario.

Graphic and chromatic capacity to take creativity over long distances

The first laser luminaire Ayrton has not left behind the benefits of color, and therefore its CMY system to achieve homogeneous mixtures of tones is completed with a multiposition wheel with six correction filters, 21 complementary color filters and a variable CTO in two concentric circles, cataloged as 2D-ColorWheel™.

In this line, a section from gobo wheel animation with 2D-GoboWheel™ technology for more ambitious lighting effects. The graphic capacity of the new Cobra also has 92 fixed and rotating metal gobos distributed on two wheels with the aim of sculpting the light in beam mode without limitations.

The IP65 rating makes the Cobra adaptable to any show.

When dealing with volumetric lighting effects, the Cobra configuration is designed to combine the gobos with two sections of four rotating prisms that can be used individually and also includes two frost filters that diffuse the light beam with the desired precision, without deforming it.

A unique off-road laser source on the market

Ayrton's new luminaire has been designed to bring laser technology to all imaginable scenarios and applications, since it has IP65 rating that certifies its protection against dust, water and dirt. In addition, following the lightening line of Ayrton equipment, all the machinery and body of the focus have been optimized to make it manageable and easy to repair and install by technicians.

The Cobra also has a SunProtect-65™ sun protection system and an integrated heating system to preserve equipment from temperatures below -10° C (14° F), making this luminaire fully adaptable to any climate without losing the correct operation of its powerful long-distance beam.

These latest editions of Prolight+Sound 2022 and ISE 2022 We have been able to see this laser focus in action and enjoy a spectacular Show in Frankfurt. As a brand distributed in Spain by Stonex, Ayrton Cobra will be available to our customers soon, and promises to revolutionize the way of lighting shows and live performances.

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