Ayrton 20th anniversary

Ayrton celebrates 20 years lighting

In November of this year, Ayrton celebrated its 20th anniversary, it has been quite a journey for the company, which has dedicated itself entirely to developing innovative LED lighting products.

"When Ayrton was created, we did not know at the time that we were going to revolutionize the lighting world with a totally disruptive concept, Digital Lighting," commented Ayrton founder Yvan Péard. “In the last 20 years we have created more than 70 digital luminaires that are as innovative as they are efficient. We are very proud of our achievements and the way we continue to lead the way, pushing technology and design to the limit. This year we celebrate 20 years of passion, creation and design; 20 years of working with the best lighting designers and suppliers in the world, who have trusted us to manufacture the tools they want to use; 20 years of innovation to give life to the wildest projects ”.

Péard brought Ayrton to life for the first time in 2001, naming his company after the prominent Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna, whom he admired for his brilliance, ingenuity and drive in the pursuit of perfectionqualities that Péard and Ayrton's team have maintained to this day.

From technical innovations and original ideas in creative effect lighting to classic lighting fixtures to the company's first IP65 rated fixtures. Ayrton has built a reputation for unsurpassed innovation, power, precision, versatility, durability and reliability.

Ayrton is a story of "leaders" with remarkable advances in technology offering new and original products every year. But how have your last years been?

The company's initial reputation for unique effect lighting accelerated in 2013 with the arrival of Magic Panel 602 - the first of the family Creative Solutions-, a modular LED luminaire with unlimited, continuous pan and tilt rotation, and a unique square face that offers a wide range of visual effects.

The following year would arrive MagicBlade R, the first of the redesigned “Radical” range. MagicDot R, in 2015, it was the first professional moving head LED spotlight with a single optical collimator and firmly established itself as the must-have set fixture due to its small size and incredible versatility.

In 2016, Magicburst It was the first high power graphic LED strobe with continuous and unlimited rotation in horizontal and vertical movement, and it was perfectly combined with the other “Panel” products. In 2017 came Magic Panel FX, an exciting new development of Magic Panel R, with a revolutionary optical zoom system that offered exciting possibilities for creating 2D graphic effects.

The Ghibli is an iconic luminaire of the French brand

2017 also marked an important new milestone with the launch of its first classic team, the Ghibli, its first factory-fitted LED spotlight with a framing system, packed with features in a surprisingly compact body. This marked the beginning of Ayrton's action plan to produce a complete series of floodlights to suit any size of venue and project application.

As this plan unfolded, in 2018 came Mistral y Khamsin; and in 2019 it was introduced Diablo, which remains one of Ayrton's most popular spotlights, and its IP65 rated counterpart, Perseus Profile, which has become a reference focus, packing all the features and a exceptional performance in a compact housing for all types of weather, which has since proven to be unmatched in reliability y versatility.

With the action plan in full swing, the launches of the past few years have been game-changing devices for the market. Hurricane Profile is a superb graphical tool to stimulate creativity, with exceptional light performance and a completely new complex color mixing system, with a double CMY saturation level capable of generating 281 billion colors.

 Domino expanded Ayrton's family of IP65 multifunction spotlights as the older brother of Perseus Profile and since then it has been joined Perseus BeamEurus was the first multifunction profile bulb launched under the new SLIM-21 program to miniaturize the bulbs and reduce their weight, while the latest additions -Karif LT y Hurricane LT- they are the first LED spotlights in the new "LT" (Long Throw) product line dedicated to long-range applications.

Ayrton leads innovation in digital lighting

All these products include the features that are synonymous with the Ayrton name: precision of movement, lightweight and compact form, unique performance, innovative optics and color management, feature-rich devices that contradict the size of each device, state-of-the-art cooling systems. and graphic effects that push the limits.

"We are very happy to be 20 years old," said CEO Chris Ferrante. “Ayrton has been the leader in the digital lighting industry since our inception. Yvan's vision has led us to the success we have achieved today. Our best-in-class products are characterized by purposeful innovation, creativity and quality, and are designed with our users, lighting designers and creatives in mind. ” These people, along with our distributors such as Stonex, and the Ayrton team, are just as important as our products and we look forward to celebrating the next 12 months with them.

Yet they are never content to just sit still and have new technologies and incredible ideas planned for the near future, which will continue to improve the shows and world events, which at Stonex we are fortunate to be part of, as we are Ayrton's distributor in Spain.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, Ayrton has released a video (Click here) and a new logo, they are as determined to keep leading and innovating as they have from the beginning.

As Péard says: "The future has only just begun!"

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