Domino LT performance outdoors

Ayrton launches Domino LT, the first IP65 rated long throw LED luminaire

In line with the innovative spirit that characterizes the French brand, Ayrton announces with the Domino LT the arrival of an off-road LED luminaire: powerful for long distances that require high precision and weather resistant thanks to its IP65 protection, applied for the first time to a long-range device.

New generation of LED spotlights for the most demanding exteriors

With a compact format that follows the minimalist design of the Domino Profile, the new Domino LT takes a further leap in quality to acclimatize to adverse conditions and withstand sudden climatic changes. And it Ayrton seeks to further the advances achieved with other models, such as the color mix of the Hurricane LT -able to generate a billion colors with its double CMY saturation level- wave protection IP65 of Perseus Beam -equipment hermetic to dust and sand, and protected against rain.

Detail of the Domino LT moving head.

All this without losing the benefits of a long-range device such as the ultra-intense light beam, generated by a 225 mm diameter front lens, optical zoom with a 15:1 ratio and a beam with a variable aperture between 3,5° and 53°. For all these reasons, as soon as the Domino LT hits the market, it establishes itself as one of the most reliable equipment for large outdoor spaces such as stadiums, festival venues, pavilions and open-air auditoriums.

What features does the new Ayrton Domino LT have?

The equipment of this premium luminaire has a 1000W high-efficiency LED module that achieves a record luminous flux of 51.000 lumens at a color temperature of 6.700K stably.

Thanks to its sophisticated color mixing system and progressive linear CTO, the Domino LT can achieve 281 billion colors and has a triple corrector with which to adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 15000K. This in combination with his six complementary color filters, improves color rendering (CRI greater than 70) and ensures tonal accuracy.

Precision and long range LED power with Domino LT.

In addition, its IP65 protection to optimally resist any weather condition does not compromise the maintenance of the equipment, since the design of Domino LT guarantees full accessibility to the internal functions of the luminaire.

Ultimate freedom to create unrivaled color effects

When professional lighting is conceived as an art, effects become a priority in LED equipment. That is why Ayrton has equipped the Domino LT with a RGB and CMY effect wheel for unique multi-color combinations. In addition, the cutouts allow 100% of the surface to be covered from any position and have a filter frost linear capable of creating artificial wash effects and two filters heavy frost y and "light", too high performance.

Electrifying color possibilities with the new Domino LT.

The graphic capacity of the new Ayrton luminaire is completed with 14 gobos spread over two wheels and a monochrome effects wheel for horizontal, vertical or axial scrolling, with which to play creating flame, water or radial effects. The two four- and five-sided rotating prisms for volumetric lighting effects and a 15-blade iris make the Domino LT a great choice for complex lighting designs over long distances.

When does the Domino LT hit the market?

The first official showing to the public of the Domino LT of Ayrton will take place in the next Prolight + Sound of Frankfurt, which is celebrated dApril 26 to 29, 2022. Before going to stand D74-D75 in Hall 12, Ayrton offers as a preview the promotional video of this luminaire that is generating so much expectation.

The Domino LT from which Stonex is the official distributor in Spain and heads the list of long-range mobile solutions, where together with the Huracán LT it expands the lighting possibilities of large pavilions and outdoor spaces. State-of-the-art technology at the service of precision, power and creative resources that no meteorological mishap can break.

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