Ayrton Cobra on Quevedo Tour

Ayrton's Cobras shine on the Quevedo Tour

Quevedo's tour “DQE Where I want to be” began on March 11 in Gran Canaria and has already visited large venues such as the Wizink Center or the Gran Canaria Arena and continues visiting the main venues in the country. Stonex has the representation of him thanks to one of the great protagonists of the tour, Ayrton's Cobra.

The tour's stage design incorporates the Ayrtons Cobra, supplied by USE Sonido, the company in charge of the technical production of the tour. These teams have been used for the most part in conventional stage formats in which the Cobras have had a great role. At the same time, they have also been used for the shows at the Wizink Center and Gran Canaria Arena in a square-shaped 360 format over which large LED screens are suspended. Thanks to the great definition and brightness of the Cobra laser source, the space is filled with beams and aerial effects in a perfect combination with the screens and their visuals..

During the conventional tour, a stage design was created using 34 Cobra projectors as a backdrop. According to Óscar Marchena, the tour's lighting designer: "The incredible versatility of the Cobra and the mixture of various prisms, together with the Beam mode, have made a wide variety of effects possible."

Óscar designed two shows with a Round format, specifically those held at the Wizink and the Gran Canaria Arena. For these shows, 28 Cobras were used, and the presence of this equipment around the stage was essential to achieve a 360 effect. On the central stage, the Cobras on the base were mixed with hanging equipment to create impressive aerial effects. According to Óscar, "The arrangement of the Cobras around the stage was crucial for these shows."

Part of the equipment was located on the floor of the stage surrounding the square it formed. In this location they create vertical walls of thin defined beams with its beam mode zoom and amazing aerial effects that leave the stage by using the prisms that fill the entire space of the pavilion without getting lost over long distances.

pince-nez gc2

The rest of the equipment has been used hanging from the top around the stage. Ayrton's Cobras are a tremendously versatile luminaire as it incorporates 12 rotating gobos and 80 fixed gobos, together with 2 Frost filters of different levels, animation wheel and infinite pan and tilt to make practically any idea that the designer can think of.

Moments full of color could not be missing from Quevedo's tour, achieving colorful and defined beams thanks to his CMY mix, color corrector, progressive CTO and a color wheel with 26 complementary color filters.

pince-nez gc1

The Cobra is a luminary IP65 In addition to being very versatile and offering great definition, it requires less maintenance and can work in any environmental situation, making it an ideal option for touring and rental companies. Its weight of only 33kg with great power makes working with the equipment on tour simple and adaptable to any situation.

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