ETC EchoTouch: A compact lighting control for architectural spaces and entertainment

With a highly intuitive, compact and touch screen, the EchoTouch is a lighting control capable of configuring channels, presets and scripts locally to manage your devices simultaneously, even those located in different areas. EchoTouch acts as an interface into Unison Echo® systems, providing full control of Echo products and directly driving DMX/RDM and sACN devices.

This device stands out mainly for its intuitive system that makes it accessible to everyone. With a high-resolution touch screen and friendly user interface, even users with no prior lighting experience can operate it with ease. Whether you're in a film studio or a theater, the speed with which you can set up and adjust lighting is amazing.

EchoTouch not only stands out for its ease of use, but also demonstrates its commitment to the environment and sustainability. Its ability to precisely manage the luminous intensity and color temperature of the light allows for significant energy savings.. Thanks to the highly efficient and long-lasting LED technology it uses, not only are replacement costs reduced, but the carbon footprint is also minimized.

Echotouch 3

Personalization and connection without limits

The EchoTouch lighting system has a high degree of customization. From creating predefined lighting scenes to adjusting light intensity and programming effect sequences, the possibilities for ambiance are endless.

Another of the most important features is that this mechanism integrates perfectly with mobile devices and computers, allowing remote lighting management. This is especially useful when you need to make adjustments in real time or when you are not present in the same space as the lighting system.

Thanks to its offline editor, users have access to pre-configure, customize and even design specialized images without having to have the device in front of them, even You can edit your images or create files and transfer them to any EchoTouch touch screen simply by using a USB port..

Echotouch 2

Custom configuration

EchoTouch allows for quick and easy installation. Installed in a standard 3-segment backbox, it is powered by PoE or 24V DC. Its screen adapted to all types of spaces guarantees that users can have a high degree of visibility in any circumstance. In addition, the screen interface supports 3 standby modes: display of a user-provided logo, dimming and off, although if the user interacts with the screen it returns to its main functionality.

The versatility along with its customization makes this lighting system an ideal tool to quickly and safely program lighting in a space, always adapting it to each circumstance. and an ideal option to be operated by anyone, without the need for technical knowledge.

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