Discover the teams that have shone the most this summer

When summer arrives, the excitement for live music and outdoor concerts intensifies. From massive festivals to intimate amphitheater shows, summer is the perfect time to enjoy music and entertainment. In this regard, lighting plays a crucial role in creating an unforgettable visual experience. Below, we'll explore some of the lighting equipment that's made its mark this summer.

Ayrton Cobra

One of the focuses that has been most present this summer has been Ayrton Cobra. Distributed by Stonex and used by the production company Ilusovi, this spotlight has shined at events and tours by artists such as Aitana, Juan Luis Guerra and the Argentine singer Tini. But not only Ilusovi has opted for this equipment, companies such as USE Producciones have also made the most of the impressive lighting effects on tours such as the “DQE Where I want to be” by Quevedo.

Another company that has decided to offer exceptional visual quality has been TV3. The television network decided to make a milestone of its traditional show «La Mercè pyromusical» to close the festivities of this region. Equipped with 12 Ayrton Cobra spotlights, this company achieved exceptional visual results thanks to the versatility of effects of these professional lighting spotlights.

Cobra spotlights are an IP65 phosphor laser source which allows you to obtain impressive results on stage. With a 170 mm front lens, a zoom range of 6 to 23 degrees and a zoom ratio of 38x, this high-definition beam allows you to create an infinite number of figures thanks to its 92 fixed metal gobos. In addition, its water resistance guarantees its safety for both the lighting equipment and the attendees.

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Ayrton Perseo Beam

Just like the Cobra, the Perseus Beam They have not been spotlights that have gone unnoticed this summer. With IP65 protection, this luminaire is capable of adapting to all types of circumstances and weather conditions since it is guaranteed to protect the lighting equipment and those attending events. Their ultra-intense 2º beam and 21x zoom ratio make them versatile and useful tools for creating stunning effects during shows. With 48 combinable fixed and rotating gobos, the Perseo Beam can generate impressive volumetric effects.

One of the festivals in which this type of focus has been most present has been in the great electronic festival Dreambeach festival next to the Villaricos-Palomares beach in Almería. In such a demanding environment in terms of temperature and humidity, Perseo Beam spotlights have proven to be the right choice.


Claypaky Mini B and Aleda K10

The luminaries of Claypaky They couldn't miss the summer tours either and they have been very present throughout this entire period. One of the most illustrative examples has been that of the eighties group La Guardia, which wanted to impress its spectators with countless lighting effects that accompanied and made its shows unforgettable. The Italian brand has performed on different tours and concerts that have taken place this summer. the country.

On its tour through Spain this summer, La Guardia has used several Claypaky lighting equipment. The most notable have been the Mini B, small LED spotlights capable of creating highly concentrated beams of light and versatile graphic effects, and the A.leda B-Eye K10, whose wash effect with different colors is capable of creating optical effects in the air. , micro rays with individual control and extremely dynamic graphics.

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Clayplaky Arolla Profile MP

Another luminary that has not gone unnoticed has been the Ring Profile MP. Television networks such as TV3 have opted for this type of spotlight to give life to one of their most relevant programs: Euphoria. This talent show that mixes aspects of La Voz and Operación Triunfo, decided to use premium lighting to make its shows a visual success. Although this luminaire has Arolla Profile HP, its 40000 lumens version, The television network opted for 16 Arolla Profile MP spotlights with 20000 lumens, small moving heads that create spectacular effects on stage.

The Roll over Profile MP They offer a LED light output of 470 W. Additionally, they have the ability to exchange the profile version assembly with the spot model gobo module. They have a high definition rotating gobo wheel. Thanks to "Go-Bright" technology, there is no loss of light or color change when inserting gobos into the beam. The unit is also equipped with a four plane framing system focal points, a animation wheel rotating and a rotating prism of four facets.

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The world of theatrical performance has also wanted to opt for the best professional lighting. The audiovisual company Fluge has used the spotlights ETC Source Four LED Series 2 in his new musical "The Phantom of the Opera" from the Albéñiz Theater in Madrid. This great musical work has 26 Series 2 units and has opted for premium lighting to give much more emphasis and prominence to its staging.

El ETC Source Four LED Series 2 It is a cutout that stands out for its versatility and functionality thanks to its wide color range. With an IP20 rating, this luminaire offers a wide range of control options, from direct and RGB modes to the powerful HSIC, and even the possibility of control without the need for a console. It allows the use of conventional cut-out optics or customization with gobos designed by the client themselves, as well as acting as a cyclorama floodlight thanks to ETC's CYC asymmetric optics.


These lighting rigs have proven their worth this summer, creating spectacular visual experiences that have elevated the quality of the shows. Whether at massive festivals or intimate concerts, their impact has been unforgettable and has left a lasting mark on the musical summer of 2023.

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