Ayrton's Zonda 9 FX illuminate the Megapark of Mallorca

Mallorca's Megapark, known as the largest beer garden in Europe, has taken a spectacular turn in its lighting equipment by incorporating Ayrton's Zonda 9 FX luminaires. This space is a unique environment, with the capacity to accommodate 5000 people, it combines the essence of an open space with the influence of a coastal area, providing an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

With a small stage that had to be prepared for both day and night, the choice of lighting was a crucial step to create a captivating atmosphere, and the Zonda 9 FX were the fundamental piece to achieve it.

The latest acquisition and commitment of this large space has revolved around Ayrton's new Zonda 9 FX, which decided to equip the space with IP luminaires after the successful previous experience that the Megapark had had with Ayrton and its Perseo Beam. The Zonda 9 FX have stood out for their high technology and creative possibilities due to their equipment and versatility of optical effects.

The Mallorcan company has decided to place them at the back of the stage between screens. The stage has a large screen behind the stage and 4 “totems” of 1×3 meters and between each “totem” they have placed a column with 3 Zonda 9 FX, with a total of 12 Zonda 9 FX.


The Zonda 9 FX not only have the ability to set the right atmosphere for any situation, but, in the case of the Megapark, they have also been used as a complement to the LED screens, creating striking visual effects that include projections of patterns, colors and movements that amplify the audience's experience. Although the Megapark already had Ayrton spotlights such as the Perseo Beam to create incredible aerial effects, the Zonda 9 FX are a perfect tool to achieve amazing visual effects, just as Megapark's technical director, Daniel Morales, was looking for.

These LED heads not only provide a pleasant wash effect full of vibrant colors, but also allow individual control of each light source, resulting in 3D volumetric effects and highlighting the profiles of the LED cells thanks to their LiquidEffect TM technology. , offering truly unique creative results.

This makes it the perfect choice for creating ideal atmospheres in iconic locations such as the Megapark, where lighting becomes a fundamental part of the visitor experience.


Innovation and technology united in the Zonda 9 FX

This luminaire, created to be a revolution in stage lighting, is equipped with a 40W LED source with RGB+W additive color synthesis. Additionally, Zonda 9 FX contains a dial composed of 37 PMMA lenses with a diameter of 384 mm. This sphere dazzles with a performance of 25000 lumens, and a 14:1 zoom that varies from 4 to 56 degrees. This means that this luminaire can adapt perfectly to a wide range of lighting scenarios and demands.

This luminaire is equipped with a specialized cooling system that ensures that the temperature remains at safe levels even in the most demanding conditions. In addition, it has a variable selection ventilation that allows you to adjust this spotlight to all spaces depending on your needs.

Zonda 9 FX luminaires unleash endless creative possibilities without limits.

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