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Eurovision 2024 surprised the world with the latest in lighting

The Malmö Arena shone as the main stage for the 68th edition of the most important international musical event of the year. A total of more than 37 artists competed in this exciting competition, of which 26 reached the final phase that took place last Saturday, May 11.

The Spanish audience reached an impressive figure of 4.886.000 viewers, surpassing last year's figure. Once again, the brands associated with Stonex showcased their excellence by providing a light show that perfectly complemented the gala with some of the latest innovations in lighting.

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The person responsible for the lighting design and visual content was Fredrik Stormby (originally from Sweden), whose impressive track record includes tours with Beyoncé, ABBA, and the Rolling Loud festival. With 26 strategically positioned cameras, including aerial views from innovative 2D and Drop camera systems, television viewers were offered a dazzling experience.

The meticulous planning also extended to communication, with more than 400 radios and 200 intercom panels ensuring impeccable coordination. In addition, more than 60 radio channels were used, both analog and digital. Video content was also a priority, with approximately 1000 square meters of LED screens wrapping the stage, from the floor to the LED video cubes which also included luminaires inside.

Lighting at the height of a global event

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The lighting matched the magnitude of the event, with more than 2000 units of both LED and laser deployed. The design stood out for the inclusion of the most innovative luminaires on the marketIncluding Ayrton's new Kyalami, which had a triumphant premiere after its presentation in Prolight+Sound 2024.

138 units of the new Kyalami were used in the form of a tower on each side of the stage, integrated into the truss of the rear video wall and arranged on the floor around the stage. These fixtures created stunning aerial effects that blended perfectly with the 347 Rival Profile, distributed in strategic capsules covered with LED video screens, providing stage and back lighting during performances, enhancing every moment on stage with precision and style perfectly integrated with the screens. These structures, held by variable speed motors, rose and fell from the ceiling to the stage, generating impressive effects along with the Rivales that were inside.

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The secret to enlightening the public lay in the strategic placement of the 41 Hurricane Wash on the stands, flooding the stage with an explosion of color. An immersive lighting effect was achieved, embracing the audience and completely immersing them in the event experience with the vivid and dynamic colors.

Another of the luminaries that stood out throughout the show, and that were specifically chosen by Stormby, were 25 units of Claypaky's Skylos model. A powerful beam was needed, and Skylos with its laser technology it fit perfectly. These luminaires were placed on an automated structure in front of the LED screen, which could be adjusted to various heights, and moved along the sides of the stage above the stands. Additionally, there were five units positioned on the ground, used for special effects. The speed of the pan and tilt movements were key to providing an extra touch of dynamism to the stage lighting.

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The effect luminaires chosen were Linear Drum by Claypaky in 396 units, strategically located in the LED cubes and at the end of the stage to dazzle with their impressive strobes. With their ability to create effects that traverse space, the dazzling strobes created a truly impressive sensation for both the live audience and the viewer at home. This is due to the neutral density filter, which improves on-camera performance by increasing the readability of the pixels and guarantees perfect integration of the luminaires into the scenery.

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The Malmö Arena stage also witnessed the Portman luminaries, S-Tribe. These stage luminaires shined brightly during Armenia's performance, providing decorative lighting to the structure that housed the band's musicians.

Their innovative design and ability to enhance the atmosphere of the venue were highlighted by viewers, making them a central element of the show's viewing experience.

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Less cables, more creativity

Versatility is key in a broadcast seen by hundreds of millions of people, making the wireless DMX de LumenRadio an essential solution. With the show's lighting constantly changing, the cameras needed an adjustable light source to maintain video quality, which was achieved by TimoTwo OEM, allowing Steadicam operators to move freely without the need for cables.

El Wireless DMX was also used in the Green Room, in the light behind an automated video wall. Other visible uses included the chandelier of over 50 electronic candles at Ireland's Bambie Thug performance, paired with transmitters Moon by LumenRadio, allowing portability and movement on stage. Additionally, at the shows in Germany and Greece the fill lights and strobe effects were fully controlled wirelessly thanks to LumenRadio's CRMX technology. This allowed designers and technicians to maximize creativity and safety at the show without the need for cables.

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