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ETC fos/4 panels, the ideal option for TV studios

Years of experience and specialization characterize Stonex within the sector of broadcasting. Area in which lighting plays a vital role and the luminaires used must be adapted to the needs and demands of the sector.

In order to provide the best lighting solutions on film sets, both in television and cinema, for some time ETC launched its fos/4 panels. These panels offer the most realistic environments and skin tones possible. Although this solution can not only be appreciated by the spectators, but it is highly valued by the technicians, since it allows them to skip fixes that would be executed in a post-production stage, achieving an optimal result directly on the set. Allowing flexibility, cost savings and, above all, production quality.

How is it possible? The fos/4 panels they have two ranges, a daylight high dynamic range tunable white light and a full color Lustr X8 range. It becomes essential for the lighting of film and television projects to have the highest color fidelity through the camera. The fos/4 panels are incredibly bright, but they don't sacrifice color quality. Incorporating Deep Red LEDs, the Lustr X8 Array pushes the limits of color rendering possibilities, while the tunable Daylight HDR Array brings new depth to white light. The Deep Red does not lose the real skin tone by not using incandescence.

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Fos/4 panels on French TV

Given all of the above (and many more benefits), it is not surprising that France TV, the country's public broadcaster, has chosen fos/4 panels to equip its Studio D. In its new 600 m2 surface, it has incorporated a green screen space of the latest generation, which allows you to shoot scenes on a virtual stage in real time. In this studio he employs digital sets, removing many limitations linked to physical sets. In order to execute their shoots in the best possible way, the technical team requested the installation of 46 fos/4 panels.

ETC's line overcomes the challenges of working with green screen. The 8-color LED system provides a very rich spectrum, allowing for unique skin tones. In addition, the light quality of the fos/4 panels complies with the limitations of the green screen, which has no margin for error. It must be impeccable so that the result obtained on the set can be used as if it had been shot on a physical stage.

The LED matrix developed by ETC plays a fundamental role in the luminous flux captured by the camera. fos/4 Panel Lustr X8 array covers 94% of Rec. 2020 color space, the recommendation used in the audiovisual industry for ultra high definition television, where competing RGBAM panels do not exceed 87%.

The ability of fos/4 panels to achieve a homogeneous, sharp and rich green background is highly appreciated by technicians. As well as the ease of control, its user interface is very intuitive, and flexibility by having a wireless connection, which can be carried out through City Theatrical's NFC or Multiverse wireless DMX protocols.

From StonexWe know that when it comes to lighting a TV recording studio, choosing the most versatile lighting material is key. For this reason, we are the official distributor of ETC, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 42 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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