Fos4 range for cinema and television by ETC

ETC's new fos / 4: the revolution in cinema and television lighting

ETC, the American lighting manufacturer, launches its first LED panel with its revolutionary color control technology. Its design and features place it at the forefront of products in its category. With a colorimetry and light output designed for film and television sets.

ETC It goes one step further in lighting for audiovisual spaces and presents its LED panel; dedicated to meet the needs of the most specialized in the sector. Their ability to emit a perfect soft light to cover interiors and exteriors behind the lens of a camera, has allowed them to become relevant in all rental companies for audiovisual productions.

Continuing with this trend, it is launched the new fos / 4, in three different sizes and two models dedicated to diverse applications. With this tool, ETC wants to make cinematographers available: greater creative possibilities, better on-screen color quality and greater technical facilities for the entire production team.

Verison 1: Lustr X8

In its version Lustr X8 Adds deep red to the color mix, enriching the spectrum and improving the appearance of skin tones, resulting in greater depth in blues, greens, and amber tones.

Lustr X8 Array

Verison 2: Daylight HDR

For its part, the version Daylight HDR It includes the ability to adjust white and a powerful light output that utilizes a calculated selection of LEDs from the X8 Color System, offering natural warm light when rendering skin tones, optimized for cool tone output. This fill light offers incredible brightness and CCT (correlated color temperature) adjustable between 1.900 K and 10.450 K.

Daylight HDR Array

Among the many innovations that this device includes we find the possibility of configuring it with the app Set Light App ETC from iOS devices, only by bringing the phone closer to the configuration box with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

In addition, the Fos / 4 allows the wireless connection of up to ten universes by WIFI without the need for cables, a contribution that will undoubtedly reduce the time of work in the assemblies and recording sets. The three models that ETC has launched on the market have a light weight compared to other brands of LED Panel, managing to project a greater amount of light with smaller bodies.

Thanks to the addition of an eighth color in its Lustr X8 version, it acquires a much higher colorimetry than the lighting we were used to, offering new possibilities to represent skin tones in a more natural way as well as adding a new depth to all the color gamut.

Technology adaptable to the needs of the camera

For ETC, technology becomes an indispensable in lighting. It has already presented its Daylight HD and Tunsgten HD LED projectors, dedicated to television studios that allow you to adapt the characteristics of the lighting behind the camera according to needs.

Video taken from ETC's official YouTube channel: ETCVideoLibrary

In Spain, Stonex is the exclusive distributor of ETC, among other prominent brands. Its commitment to the development of a professional sector goes through the offer of relevant training in the systems that currently predominate in the market. In addition, its technical service is the choice for numerous international companies, offering support and maintenance on the products of its distributed brands for life.

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