#stayhomeandlearn from MA Lighting: tutorials, tips, technical information ... there is no excuse for boredom

In this stage of the global pandemic, training and entertainment initiatives for users have not been lacking. But what we bring you here is unmatched by any other. With the help of experts and developers of the leading brand par excellence of spectacular lighting control, MA Lighting leaves us in this post a series of proposals to be more aware than ever of the current events in the MA universe. We will tell you!

MA Tips

At its official You Tube channel weekly tips for management and programming related to the latest toy in the house: the GrandMA3. Although they are recorded in English, subtitles appear in Spanish so you don't miss a thing. Take a look at them and if you have any doubts, write to the Stonex team who will help you with it.

E-learning from MA University

Who has not heard of this? Since the MA academic entity launched its e-learning program, we have done nothing but make it known through our social networks and classroom courses. If you are one of the few who have not yet heard of this program, MA e-learning offers an interactive, guided and user-focused online learning environment so that you can advance your brand training at your own pace. The courses that can be accessed are: dot2, GrandMA2, GrandMA3 in mode 2 and GrandMA3. Are you interested? Take a look 👇 and Write us if you want us to give you access.

Latest versions of software

If you have reached this part of the post it is because you are a true fan of MA and you want to learn everything about its multiple tools. MA Lighting's quality is due to ongoing research into the needs of the industry and how to translate that improvement into its software and hardware. So whatever the table you have, MA will never neglect the advancements and enhancements of its software version after version. If you are one of those who already manages with MA3 technology, as well as if you continue in the nostalgia of the MA2 or are used to creating crazy designs from your dot2, whatever table you have, in the Stonex support section you will find the latest software updates with explanations, recommendations and tips so that your experience as an MA programmer is 10! I want the latest version of the software.

MA3 Software Download version 1.1

MA Forum

An international space where you can express and consult your doubts together with other professionals in the MA environment. The forum is moderated by MA specialists so it will always be true information. If you want to join the technical discussions, you just have to register through the following link And of course, you also have the option to join the Facebook group in Spanish: Going from grandMA2 to grandMA3: exchange of teams, knowledge and ideas.

MA webinars by Stonex

And finally, the product of the house. The cycle of webinars focused on MA content that we do every week with all the love and commitment for all of you. Now an exclusive list with the training videos related to: introduction, first steps and advances in the MA3 interface, Macros in MA2 in addition to its variables, explanation of Time Code, Systems and networks applied to MA ... and many more. Subscribe to our You Tube channel not to miss anything.

Is something escaping us? Do you know of more tools to support learning of MA control tables? We want to know your opinion, write us in the comments.

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