Claypaky Skylos and Arolla Aqua

Claypaky launches two new luminaires to offer great potential in any environment

The family of laser luminaires Claypaky is extended with the new Skylos with a white laser source. Arolla now has an Aqua version to use its full potential in any demanding environment thanks to its IP66 protection. 

Skylos has been designed to be able to offer a dense and solid light beam, with an aperture of 0.5º to 5º and with great power but avoiding the problems of heat and high consumption of traditional xenon lamps. Like all Claypaky luminaires, the Skylos is highly efficient, having a magnificent power/consumption ratio, since its total consumption is only 600W.

The new Skylos is much more than a conventional searchlight and for this it comes equipped with a slot for custom gobos, a wheel with a rotating 6-facet prism and another with 5, as well as a second wheel with a 4-facet prism that can be superimposed to create incredible aerial effects.

There is no situation that resists Skylos with IP66 protection and marine grade, which has also been designed with an internal heating system to be able to offer all its performance in thermal conditions of up to -40ºC. Skylos incorporates a 15 color wheel and has been designed to be lightweight with agile pan and tilt movements for touring use.

Claypaky Skylos Prolight and Sound

All the capabilities of the Arolla family, now in an IP66 version

The Aqua version of the arolla with IP66 protection not only guarantees optimum performance in extreme environmental conditions but also its dust protection is ideal for drastically reducing costs and hours spent on maintenance in fixed indoor installations.

Arolla performs perfectly in the high and medium power range thanks to its 900W 7000K white LED source that reaches 40.000 lumen output. This way you get a uniform beam with a 5.5°- 50º zoom and fantastic colors with its CMY mixing, linear CTO and a 6 complementary color wheel.

The Arolla Aqua maintains versatility with its precise blade system, 4-facet prism, 16-blade moving iris, two-intensity frost filter, and its renowned “Go Bright” technology that ensures no color shift in the beam. when inserting the gobos.

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