Eurovision 2023 fills the world of music with light and color

The historic St. George Hall in Liverpool hosted the 67th edition of the biggest music competition of the year, involving 37 countries and reaching 160 million viewers around the world. But in addition to a competition, Eurovision is also one of the largest displays of audiovisual production. Brands distributed by Stonex exclusively in Spain such as Claypaky, MA, Ayrton and Movecat once again played a leading role at the gala.

The lighting design for the gala was carried out by Tim Routledge, using 2214 luminaires. There were 165.000 control channels with 3 desk operators. A total of 23.700 individual light sources and 2.500 state-of-the-art automated lights capable of adapting to each of the stagings that filled the festival with light.

The event included 13 kilometers of wiring for lighting, sound, video and special effects, more than 2.000 specialized lighting devices, 200 assembly platforms, 950 square meters of stage for the main stage and 500 square meters of stage for the so-called green room in which the participants meet.

The Stonex brands shone again in this edition

372 ClayPaky luminaires as the official lighting sponsor of the event were commissioned to revolutionize the scene, creating a unique atmosphere, including 194 units of its new arrival on the market Sharpy X-Frame that were used to create the arches that surrounded the stage, reproducing deep and vivid colors, 126 Scenius Unico, 40 of its HY B-EYE K25 who brought incredible effects to the stage and 12 of their Sharpy Plus to produce beams during the gala.

In this edition, new technologies and all the potential they provide have been made the most of to achieve unlimited creativity. This year's lighting design has opted for dynamism and colour, with motorization, moving heads and the capabilities of multisource luminaires.

266 Ayrton teams brought laser and LED power to the performances with their light and powerful moving heads. 90 Zonda 9FX were used to create volumetric effects along the catwalks of the stage. To create beams and perform incredible aerial effects, 50 units of the acclaimed Cobra along with 30 units of the versatile Karif-LT. To create effects, 96 Magic Blade-Rs were used, many of them creating a spectacular and dynamic rear as was done in a similar way with the Magic Panel in the previous edition, which gave life to Spain's performance.

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MA3 for lighting control

An event of such dimensions requires total control and precision on the stage, which is why MA was once again chosen with its GrandMA3 Full-Size, in charge of taking command over the scene. The tables were managed by 3 operators on 3 main consoles and another 3 back-up with each operator as well as 3 additional consoles.

GrandMA3 Eurovision

An authentic display of Rigging and Motors

Such a display of lighting, displays and effects required a rigging at the height. The event featured 600 rigging points and 1 km of steel trusses in the stadium. The Unusual Rigging team, in charge of rigging and stage mechanics this year, decided to relieve the load of the stadium building, installing ground-supported structures that supported a total of more than 140 tons.

In the words of Paul Rhodes, Senior Production Rigger of Unusual »This year's Eurovision set was highly automated. The scenery required almost 600 motors, including 72 automatic chain motors, giving a total static load of almost 140 tons. We have a large number of chain motors in our warehouse and were able to supply all standard motors from our in-house stock. In this project we decided to use a Movecat system«.

systems and engines Movecat Exclusively distributed in Spain by Stonex, they are a guarantee of performance and safety, to comply with the new regulations and the demanding needs of events such as Eurovision. Movecat has high security standards and advanced control to resolve any situation.

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