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Ayrton presents Argo and Rivale, two IP65 luminaires that take advantage of all the brand's innovation

The new Rivale is committed to versatility and brings an IP65 profile option to the 3 series, with 27.000 lumens of white light and CMY mix. The range of multisource luminaires is extended with Argo 6, in its FX and Wash versions, which offers all the possibilities of the innovative Zonda but with protection IP65.

Rival It is a complete off-road profile spotlight that is characterized by its great versatility, with infinite pan and tilt capable of offering magnificent performance in any situation thanks to its IP65 protection.. The luminaire has been designed under the premise that the lighter it is, the greater versatility it offers. Rivale weighs only 28.5Kg and its design with handles on the top makes it easy to handle.

El Rival Profile It is not only versatile due to its weight and its protection IP65 If not, it integrates great equipment with a 13-element optic with a zoom opening of 4º to 52º and a precise blade system. The moving focus has a rotating gobo wheel with 7 speed-adjustable gobos in both directions and a wheel with 8 high-precision fixed gobos plus a continuously moving animation wheel.

The new profile luminaire by Ayrton is based on a sophisticated CMY color mixing system with CTO color temperature corrector and variable deep red channel. The color possibilities are expanded with a wheel of 7 complementary colors. The new Rivale Profile incorporates wireless DMX from lumenradius as usual in the brand, completing its ability to adapt to any environment.

Argo 6, all the potential of Zonda with IP65 in its two versions Wash and FX

ArgoWash Bckgrnd

For the first time, Ayrton launches an effects luminaire in an IP65 version capable of offering great creative options both indoors and outdoors. Ayrton's family of multisource luminaires grows with the new Argo 6, intermediate in size between Zonda 3 and 9; with 19 RGBW LED sources distributed in 2 concentric circles and a central source.

The luminaire combines a minimalist design that incorporates features for total protection against the elements, with easier internal access. The grill, made of polycarbonate and exceptionally transparent, with a protection index V-0, is designed to guarantee optimal viewing.

The work with new materials becomes palpable in the new Argo. Ayrton has achieved a weight reduction of 20% working on a new composite alloy, reducing the thickness of the parts with an optimized cooling system, simplified lens guidance and the integration of low-density optical components.

Available in Wash or FX versions, Argo 6 is equipped with 19 40W LEDs with RGB+W additive color synthesis that can provide a light output of 13.000 lumens. Argo 6 can achieve a high intensity beam with a 14:1 zoom ratio and a 4° to 56° zoom.

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