ETC ColorSource Spot jr, maximum performance at the best price

ETC's ColorSource Spot jr is the perfect solution for those who require a small device at an affordable price, but without compromising performance and quality. All ETC technology has never been so close at hand.

The device ColorSource jr It uses the same technology as other devices from the American company. These include drop compensation, extended life test, and extensive factory color calibration.

This compact and versatile device is available as an option Original y Deep Blue. The result, 5,700 lumens of brightness emanating from this small device capable of satisfying any need.

Moreover, ColorSource Spot jr It has an integrated zoom, excellent for small stages, clubs and spaces such as museums. Longer ranges and small cutting heights make it a very versatile luminaire.

Another of its most notable characteristics is the color integrity it provides. The luminaires ETC ColorSource They are factory calibrated to ensure consistency. Also, you have a four-color mixing system that provides vivid and intense colors and pastel tones, perfectly combined, reaching a greater color spectrum.

ColorSource Spot jr, more light where you need it

Color temperature control algorithms built into each fixture ColorSource They guarantee that the colors selected during the rehearsal will be the ones you will get during the show.

Moreover, ETC ColorSource jr It is available in two options that have different combinations. Original, It has pastels and warm tones, very useful if we want to enhance the flesh tones. For its part, Deep Blue, features rich, saturated blues and magentas to enhance the show.

But without a doubt, one of the great differences that investment in technology brings ETC, is the guarantee ETC for the luminaires ColorSource jr, device designed to have an L70 rating of 50,000 hours. Whether it's LM-84 licensed by the American Society of Lighting Engineers or LM-80 with on-site testing, independent testing agencies confirm that these devices will pass the ultimate test: time.

Most LED luminaire manufacturers offer a two-year limited warranty. ETCHowever, it goes one step further, offering a five-year warranty on all fixtures and a ten-year warranty on its LED range.

The devices ETC ColorSource jr, also suppose a lower energy consumption, which allows placing a greater number of devices per circuit. Which means more lighting where it is required. Another interesting fact to take into account is that it produces less heat, which leads to a brighter and longer useful life. The maximum guarantee is that the device illuminates incredible shows for many years.

Color Source Original versus Deep Blue

ColorSource Original uses an RGB-L gamut, where "B" represents the use of blue LED lights. Deep BlueFor its part, it replaces these LED lights with a deeper one, “Royal Blue” (indigo).

The accessories ColorSource Original, they can reach any color within the dark shaded triangle, while the Deep Blue they can reach any color within the light shaded triangle. While many of these areas overlap, there is a part of each variety that you can only achieve by the respective color gamuts (A = Original, B = Deep Blue).


In Spain, Stonex is the exclusive distributor of ETC, among other prominent brands. Its commitment to the development of a professionalized sector goes through the offer of relevant training in the systems that currently predominate in the market. In addition, its technical service is the choice for many international companies, offering support and maintenance on the products of its distributed brands for life.

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