Success in Prolight + Sound of the technological revolution in the lighting sector

The recognized professional fair has witnessed a multitude of novelties that transform the concept of control and lighting opening the way to more powerful, efficient and sustainable technologies, where the main brands stand out with risky proposals.

Lighting experiences a revolution in materials, concepts and work tools. It is necessary to continue updating to meet the demands of professionals, who are increasingly accustomed to a world where technology has become a tool to facilitate their work and offer new creative possibilities.

Constant evolution is the maximum of the premium brands in the market, represented in Spain by Stonex. The need to continue reinventing to always offer the products at the forefront of the sector, without risking the highest quality.


On this occasion we have been able to discover how Claypaky adds to the laser world with XTYLOS, the first beam source of laser source that has come to offer superior quality with a powerful and bright beam. During his presentation at Prolight + Sound the Italian brand wanted to highlight the possibilities of color offered by this new device that will delight the illuminators in musical events with a large visual load. The presentation has had a spectacular show controlled with grandMA2.

In the field of wash luminaires, the blades are here to stay, as proven by some of the latest releases in the sector, such as the new AXCOR wash 600. This powerful mobile head completes the commitment to the LED of the Italian brand and strengthens the tendency to include framing systems in this type of heads.

Continuing with the expansion of its portfolio of LED luminaires, Claypaky has presented in PLS its wash beam smaller so far. Its about Mini-B, a wash beam of effects of only 7kg and 34cm of height with which they are introduced fully in the designs of small spaces and tours of indoor events.

Finally, he presents himself to the world CloudIO, an apparatus with which to make a diagnosis of the state of the products of Claypaky, offering information about the life hours of its lamps, the status of its components and firmware updates. A launch that promises to revolutionize the cost of maintenance of your devices.


In the world of moving heads water proof Ayrton has presented Perseus, able to work in adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. Thus, it adds to a trend that seems to have settled in the market with the launch in PLS of several products with these characteristics. Among them, Perseus It stands out for its extraordinary power (27.000 lúmens) and color mixing system with CMY and variable CTO.

Another novelty, whose teaser was launched to the world just a couple of days before the start of PLS ​​is the new profile Hurricane-X. This prodigy of technology has a power of 1000W and 50.000 lúmens. It is created under a completely new color concept, including a double level of CMY saturation with which you can get more colors than with any other device on the market. In addition, its design is designed to project powerful and solid aerial effects, making it a safe bet for large outdoor events both day and night.

Finally, the little ones Diablo y Get the Funds!, have been officially presented in a show that has agglutinated most of the brand's products and that has left visitors speechless. It is a question of two small and compact heads designed to offer the maximum power in small and medium spaces. The Diablo It is a powerful profile of only 22 KG, ideal for road shows. On the other hand, Get the Funds! It is a wash that includes blades to concretize the work area in an impressively reduced body.


One of the biggest surprises at Prolight + Sound came from the hand of Portman, the Polish brand that stands out for its aesthetic and original lights, adds a new device to its catalog and will be presented in Prolight + Sound. It is the new P1 mini of LED source with RGB in its halo. This awaited launch supposes a change of paradigm with which Portman advances in the transition to the LED.

grandMA · _Malighting_stand_Prolight-sound

The control of lighting has been another of the main protagonists during this appointment. The stand of MA Lighting, It has been crowned as a center of attention and a meeting point for lovers of the brand and the powerful grandMA3 in its different versions. An opportunity to know the latest preliminary version of the software of this console. Its launch at the end of the year will reveal improvements in color control, 3D visualization and network protocol. In addition, the xPort Node DIN Rail and will explain the new open protocol GDTF (General device type format) born to unify the exchange of information to operate with intelligent luminaires.


For its part, the multidisciplinary brand ETC has revolutionized its faithful with the new update of its software ETC ETC that has an 3D viewer and augmented reality technology. This tool supposes a change of paradigm in the way in which the shows are designed.

Among the wide range of products of ETC has highlighted in this edition of PLS ​​the awarded Relevé Spot, its mobile head specially designed to offer quality colors in theatrical spaces. In its stand you could find other products of the brand as its emblematic line ETC Rigging, the cuts Source Four LED Series 2 and its intuitive consoles for lighting control: EOS Family.


In scenic mechanics and accessories for montages Admiral has been present with a large installation of its vintage luminaires in addition to other recently announced novelties such as the new Strong Girl, a Dolly designed to transport circular trusses.

The big star of the stand of the German brand Movecat has been the new PROstage + 1000, the most powerful engine that has been released to date. Its strength makes it a safe bet for assemblies in which you have to load a lot of material in the same structure, being able to use a smaller number of motors to lift it.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of Claypaky, Ayrton, MA Lighting, ETC, Portman, Admiral and Movecat, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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