The AUTOTEST system for emergency luminaires improves safety in your building

[: en] When a failure occurs in the lighting, for the safety of the people, there must be an emergency lighting that guides the occupants to a safe place (usually the exterior). It is absolutely necessary to have some type of signage that guarantees security inside the building, especially in 'Public Concurrence Premises'.
There is regulations regarding emergency lighting in public places, and although not all are mandatory, it is advisable to keep in mind the updates in this matter to always have a safe place for the influx of people.
The Electrotechnical Regulation for Low Voltage (REBT) recommends that periodic reviews of the security lighting system be made at least every 3 years. In this respect, the UNE-EN 50172 standard -the most innovative in terms of the inclusion of dynamic technologies in emergency signaling- indicates the need to perform a test registration and an annual review of the battery autonomy of which the lighting depends, as well as a monthly review of the operation of the lamps or LED's.
For this case, the REBT recommends the use of emergency luminaires that have the AUTOTEST system, which informs in real time of the status of the same. Specifically, Emergency Luminaires with AUTOTEST are defined as those that automatically perform all the tests indicated in the UNE-EN 50172 standard.

modern hallway of airport or subway station in city of China.

It is a simple way to reduce and facilitate the revision and maintenance of the installation. Anyone can supervise the Emergency Lighting system in a simple way. In addition, thanks to the rigor with which the operation of the luminaires is known, this system provides greater security for the premises.
In case of not having correctly maintained the emergency luminaires, the responsibility for any problem derived would fall on the owner. A fault in the emergency lighting is a problem for the occupants to reach a safe place or locate any of the security elements such as push buttons, fire extinguishers or BIEs (Equipped Fire Hydrants).
In order to have an operational emergency lighting, it is recommended to request an electrical installer to review the system, opt for the installation of emergency lighting with AUTOTEST and periodically perform monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance work and check the operation and autonomy of the luminaires.
EATON, partner of STONEX SL, is a leading brand in the manufacture of emergency luminaires with the AUTOTEST system and adaptive evacuation systems. [:]


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