LDI 2016, scene of the presentation of important novelties

Well-known brands such as ETC, Clay Paky, MA Lighting or Chauvet, did not want to miss the latest edition of LDI 2016 and took the opportunity to present attendees their latest bets on professional lighting.

From the surprising Scenius UN1CO de Clay Paky to the latest Software MA Lighting, going through the new console Gio @ 5 de ETC, our suppliers presented their latest news.

News Clay Paky

Along with the presentation of your new brand image, Clay Paky surprised the attendees with the versatile Scenius UN1CO. An apparatus that gathers Spot, Wash, Beam and Profile in the same device, and to which are added the rest of the characteristics that distinguish the family Scenius. It is, in short, a multifunctional luminaire that stands out for the quality in the light it projects and for its high CRI, as well as for the great variety of effects it offers. In this way, it becomes a very useful tool, both for events and for fixed installations, where the versatility of the device translates into significant savings.

On the other hand, they presented their new scanner again, Spheriscan, that returns with the values ​​that characterized him. In an innovative way, Spheriscan it provides the same optical performance and the same graphic effects as a mobile head, together with the speed, acceleration and agility that only a moving mirror can offer.

News ETC

L DI It was the scenario chosen by ETC to reveal to the attendees the surprises that were announced prior to its celebration. In addition to presenting their new corporate image, they offered demonstrations of the new family member EOS, GIO @ 5. A console that provides quality control in those places where space is limited and that adapts to any type of budget. GIO @ 5 It has external monitors and optional accessories, as well as the same keyboard as Eos Programming and the console GIO, which allows an easy transition to the users of the family EOS that look for a smaller control, and that is practical to new users.

The console ColorSource Console She also did not miss the appointment and was accompanied by ColorSource Linear, the new LED bar ETC created to allow multiple accessories to be placed end to end without causing any visible break in the light.
In addition, they presented once again Irideon FPZ, a very versatile luminaire whose characteristics make it the perfect complement to illuminate museums, lobbies and commercial environments.

MA Lighting News

MA Lighting offered in LDI 2016 training sessions for the attendees and took to Las Vegas the ranges dot2 y GrandMA2. In addition, those who came to the stand were able to see all the new features that come with the latest version of their software, which can also be found in Spanish.

The version for grandMA2 It is now available for download on the web MA Lighting and incorporates a series of corrections and improvements that will make it easier for the user to operate the console. For its part, the version of the software for dot2 brings a great novelty, since its launch, the free version of MA dot2 onPC It produces up to 512 DMX channels, which can generate Art-Net protocols in the first DMX universe. In addition, it includes additional predefined position effects and several bug fixes.

Chauvet News

Chauvet He took the opportunity to present Ovation E-260WW IP. An LED cutout whose light output is superior to the tungsten of 750w. It can offer a warm white thanks to the ERS-style accessory, as well as a very smooth transition to darkening. In addition, it has an IP65, which makes it an ideal tool to be installed abroad.

The novelty did not miss the appointment either COLORado 2 Solo, which uses three 40w RGBW motors to project a homogeneous beam through a fast and smooth zoom lens. Its features make it a luminaire with reliable and silent performance both indoors and outdoors.

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