Prolight + Sound brings together again all the novelties in professional lighting

From the innovative dot2 control table MA Lighting to the Scenius innovation Clay Paky or the Fresnel adapter for the Source Four LED ETCThis is how they presented us with the latest innovations in the lighting world, such as Clay Paky, ETC, MA Lighting, Ayrton or LumenRadio.
Prolight + Sound has been loaded with news from all our suppliers, where they have stood out for innovation and design.

News Clay Paky
Once again, Clay Paky surprised with the presentation of new products. Under the title, 'The Projectors', the novelty Scenius, a spot head that offers total control over the scene. With a zoom from 8º to 55º, Clay Paky's new projector is perfect for every use, from shows to television studios. Offers effects and color with two rotating gobo wheels.
We could also know the Spheriscan. The classic scanner is reinvented with a modern movement of bread. Your mirror rotates 360º in both directions, what produces a spectacular effect.
Lastly, we met the Igloo adapted for Mythos. The solution for the use of projectors abroad. With a resistant base and transparent protection, the new range includes three models Igloo WL, Igloo Easy and Igloo Eco, whose difference is based on its characteristics and connections.
News ETC
They presented us the new Fresnel adapter for the family of Source Four LED. This new optics allows adapting to the Led projector, transforming it into a totally versatile device. Its optics offer a uniform blend of light with a smooth overlay and even distribution. In addition, both for scenarios like for television studios
MA Lighting News
The novelty was already ahead of us control table by MA Lighting, the small and powerful dot2. As expected, the dot2 became one of the stars of the fair. Compact, lightweight and adaptable, this is how the new MA Lighting console is defined, allowing all MA quality to be available to small and medium-sized projects. Intuitive and multilingual, it became one of the most anticipated novelties.
Ayrton News
Ayrton He dazzled with his stand. Among its novelties, DreamPanel Shift a combination of the pan-tilt rotation movement of the well-known MagicPanel together with a control system that allows the transmission of the video signal, the HDMI Dreampanel. The result: spectacular. With a pantalla LED RGB allows impressive effects. Another novelty was his small MagicDot-R, the new member of the Radical range, a mobile head with a high efficiency optical system that allows to obtain an intense beam of less than 5º using LED RGBW. Small and powerful, it offers a continuous rotation of Pan and tilt.
Another of Ayrton's novelties during the fair was the CosmoPix-R, a luminary based on the famous double rotation spheres of the 80 years. Using the latest technology, consists of 12 Leds RGBW and offers control separately from each of them.

In Spain, Stonex is the official distributor of Clay Paky, ETC, Ayrton, MA Lighting or LumenRadio, among other well-known brands. With more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment sector, Stonex offers integral solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use. In addition Stonex distributes the main brands of the market exclusively in Spain.

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