ETC visits Stonex to present the latest news

ETC engineers visited Stonex to offer their technicians training on how to operate in the management and control of dimmers.
Getting to know the operation and the programming of the last update of the ETC dimmers was the result of the course taught at Stonex.
Tom McGuire and Francesco, engineers and technicians from ETC, were responsible for shaping the days developed during a week in the Stonex showroom.
During the training, the Stonex technicians operated with the new software for programming dimmers and learned in depth the new applications offered by the latest update of the ETC devices.
From the installation to the programming of the Unison, Paradigm and Sensor 3 dimmers to the configuration and management of the network for the control and regulation of the luminaires, were some of the concepts that were discussed during the course.
The objective of this training was to bring and enhance the operations of the technicians in the specific maintenance of controls and home automation for buildings, theaters or stores.
Finally, ETC presented the update in the control tables for the specific programming in LED luminaires. The technicians were able to learn about the innovations incorporated in the tables to facilitate the control, color changes and programming of the new ETC LED devices such as the Source Four LED Series 2 or the Source Four LED Daylight.
This continuous training maintains the Stonex dynamic to be up-to-date in everything related to technical management with the aim of offering a quality and up-to-date service in the after-sales service.
Stonex is a distributor of ETC in Spain. With more than 30 years of experience in engineering and professional lighting, it offers comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, ranging from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and lighting for professional use

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