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Why Clay Paky's eSwap technology is a good investment for lighting rentals

The interchangeable modules in the Clay Paky Arolla family luminaires allow the performance of the Spot gobos and the Profile clipping system to be combined in a single focus. eSwap technology automatically configures the modules in the device, saving time, space and costs that are key for businesses such as rentals of lighting.

The eSwap functionality of Clay Paky ensures that the same spotlight has two different applications to adapt it to the needs of each show without having to buy twice as much equipment and eliminating the need for large spaces to place all the luminaires.

The Arolla Profile and Spot MP ensure the high performance of a 470W LED module in a super compact body and without giving up a light output of 22.000 lumens that exceeds that of larger and higher power LED fixtures. In this way, clients such as rentals can have a 2×1 spotlight characterized by versatility and simple installation that guarantees low consumption and the results of a high-end brand.

Arcoiris Lighting buys the Arolla Profile MP and its conversion modules

The Catalan lighting and sound company Arcoiris Lighting Systems, with almost 40 years of experience in organizing events, concerts and shows, has relied on Stonex as the official distributor of Clay Paky in Spain for purchase a total of 16 Arolla Profile MP and 16 gobo conversion modules with eSwap technology to use them in your next projects.

Clay Paky arolla profile MP with eSwap technology,

This functionality of interchangeable modules is unique in its category, since by replacing the blades of the Arolla Profile MP with the module with an additional gobo wheel of the Arolla Spot MP, the luminaires recognize the installed component and adapt its configuration automatically without requiring additional adjustment. Thus, the benefits of two bulbs are brought together in one and Go-Bright technology ensures that when you add the gobo module to make it a spot, the light beam does not lose power when changing between gobos and maintains its 22.000 lumen output.

Clay Paky's family of LED luminaires adaptable to any show

The Arolla Spot MP is a very light luminaire (24Kg) for its functionalities and great power of its LED source of 470 W at 6.000 K. In addition, its optical system has a zoom with opening range from 6º to 50º and high definition graphic effects thanks to its seven rotating gobos, which when entering the beam do not distort the light or produce losses in the beam thanks to Go-bright technology.

In addition, this spot has a enhancement filter CRI greater than 88 and a linear CTO that reaches a wide range of color temperatures, which makes this spotlight very versatile and adaptable to tours, theaters, direct and fixed installations.

Arolla Spot MP by Clay Paky perfect for rentals.

The Arolla Profile MP is the most compact and lightest luminaire in its class, weighing only 25Kg without sacrificing power capable of producing 22.000 lumens and a flat, even beam of light. Its seven gobo wheel includes a filter of CRI enhancement for faithful color reproduction and other resources such as an animation wheel to create a multitude of effects and textures.

To control the beam, the Arolla Profile MP has a 16-blade mechanical iris and variable frost filter, and with its macro channel control it allows to modulate the beam more easily thanks to the framing system in four focal planes.

A luminaire that serves as a spot or cutout and reduces electricity consumption

with the teams Clay Paky Wrap It is possible to save space for equipment, electrical consumption and air conditioning thanks to the LED lamp and the improved ventilation system with five selectable modes: 1200, 800, 600, Silent and Theater, to operate in any show.

This family of luminaires has a CMY mixing system to achieve a multitude of colors from pastel to saturated and with a Linear CTO guarantees to select the color temperature precise. In addition, it has the Deep Red of intense red that favors the reproduction of skin, sunsets and warm textures on stage.

Clay Paky's eSwap technology applied to the Arolla.

In this bet the innovation of Clay Paky, of which Stonex is the official distributor in Spain, has also developed the Cloud IO solution to facilitate equipment maintenance and monitoring. Thus, the Italian brand reinforces its commitment to the latest technology in the world of professional lighting, offering robust and compact equipment for all situations, as well as expanding creative possibilities.

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