Clay Paky reinforces its commitment to innovation with its new equipment and creative solutions

Clay Paky expands its family of luminaires and offers new technological and innovative solutions. The new Mini Xtylos and Xtylos Acqua are joined by the compact Arolla Spot MP and Arolla Profile MP, with an interchangeable system. The Italian brand offers a creative solution with Panify, a tool to provide movement to fixtures and fixtures, and develops its Cloud IO solution.  

The new Arolla are based on the eSwap technology, unique in its category, that allows you to go from Profile to Spot and vice versa in a simple way. Both devices allow the gobo module of the Spot version to be exchanged for the profile trimming system. The luminaires automatically recognize the installed component and adapt its configuration so that the user does not have to modify any additional configuration.

The Arolla Spot MP is a very compact and lightweight spotlight For its characteristics, weighing only 24Kg, it has an LED source with a power of 470W at 6.000K, which offers an output of 22.000 lumens. The optical zoom system offers a aperture range from 6º to 50º. For effects, it incorporates two wheels with 7 high definition rotating gobos. Go Bright technology ensures that there is no variation or loss of light when gobos enter the beam.

In the color section, The Arolla Spot MP features a CMY mixing system, with a 7-color wheel capable of producing rich and saturated colors like Deep Red. The linear CTO guarantees a precise selection of the desired color temperature. Cooling is controlled with 5 selectable ventilation modes, 1200, 800, 600, Silent and Theater to cover all needs.

Claypaky ArollaSpotMP

For its part, the new Arolla Profile MP becomes the most compact and lightest luminaire in its class, with a weight of only 25Kg. It has the same power and color features as the Arolla Spot and a single wheel with 7 high definition gobos. The cropping system includes four focal planes, an animation wheel, and a 4-sided rotating prism. To control the beam, the Arolla Profile MP offers a mechanical iris and a variable frost filter.

The new Panify makes any focus or fixed element mobile

Clay Paky is committed to continuous innovation, offering new creative solutions to take lighting designs to the next level. The new Panify equipment allows to equip fixed equipment with a panning movement, with infinite rotation that reaches a speed of up to 50rpm.

Panify has been designed to support a weight of up to 30Kg, of equipment such as the battern drum bars or any other equipment you want in your production, thanks to its universal anchor. The equipment has two power outlets, one for the Panify and one for the equipment to be assembled. In this way, the connection of the equipment with the Panify is made in an integrated way to the mobile part.


Thanks to your connections, also enabled for wireless DMX, and its IP66 protection, Panify can guarantee superb performance in any condition, plus it can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Claypaky CloudIO

The technological bet of Clay Paky, Which Stonex is a distributor in Spain, it is complemented by the development of the Cloud IO solution, with new improvements for the maintenance and monitoring of the equipment. With the new solutions, the Italian brand reinforces its commitment to innovation, offering robust and compact equipment for all situations, as well as facilitating new creative possibilities.

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