Chanel Terrero at Eurovision 2022

Stonex brands have illuminated Spain's third place in Eurovision 2022

In a massive and televised event for 200 million people, the last 66th edition of the Song Festival at the PalaOlimpico in Turin lifted Spain to third place with Chanel Terrero's "SloMo", its best result in almost 30 years. The Eurovision 2022 stage hosted the impressive performances of the 25 countries in an unprecedented technological deployment and with more than 650 lighting fixtures from the brands distributed by Stonex in Spain to empower the show.

The multipurpose Pala Olimpico stadium in Turin was the venue chosen by RadioTelevisione Italiana (RAI) to celebrate Eurovision 2022 and embrace the shocking scenic design by Francesca Montinaro based on the light of a kinetic sun and called “The Sun Within” for a capacity of 12.350 people and the 200 million who followed the broadcast of the event. With a multi-level architecture, waterfalls and large LED video walls, the luminaires chosen had to be state-of-the-art, versatile and high-performance in terms of precision and power.

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What have Stonex brand kits been used for at Eurovision 2022?

This 66th edition of the Song Festival hIt was directed by Duccio Forzano and Cristian Biondani, and Mario Catapano was the lighting director that has counted among its ranks with the latest technology in luminaires on the market. The use in the gala of the equipment distributed Stonex It has fulfilled different purposes of effects, complementary or public lighting, but always with the guarantee of the best performance for large-scale shows in ambitious scenic spaces.

The latest edition of Eurovision 2022 has offered an unprecedented show.

Wide range of Clay Paky lights to create without limits

More than 400 lights from Clay Paky have been involved in the lighting design of this world projection show: 120 Sharpy X-Frame 64 Xtylos 25 Mini Xtylos 42 Arolla Profile HP, 25 Stormy CC and 144 Sharpy Wash units to follow the rhythm of the show and provide impressive effects in the great European song festival.

In the case of hybrid bulbs Claypaky Sharpy X Frame, lined the two side walkways between the upper and lower stages and cast a fan of colored rays across the audience.. In addition, they were the lights that created the effects for the presentation jingle of each participant.

Clay Paky has put more than 400 luminaires on stage.

Meanwhile, the Claypaky Mini Xtylos HPE due to its compact format were in charge of occupying the side hatches of the stage to emit blades of amazing light and color. the powerful Arolla Profile HP and Sharpy Wash 330s were combined flanking the stage to provide side and back lighting for the performers..

The spectacular Eurovision 2022 stage with lights by Clay Paky and Ayrton.

In the words of Marcus Graser, CEO of Claypaky: «The most impressive musical show in the world has used our lights for another year. The lighting designer chose a range of units that included profile and hybrid spotlights, moving lights, wash and strobe lights. The luminaires had various light sources: LEDs, lasers and discharge lamps. This says a lot about the wide variety of versatile and reliable lighting solutions that only Claypaky can bring to the market today.".

lighting control for shows large-scale by MA Lighting

The leading German brand in professional lighting controllers was also present at Eurovision 2022 with version of its GrandMA2 software to manage the 2.821 lights of the show, of which about 5 kilometers were LED light strips.

And is that the console MA Lighting It offers great processing capacity for a multitude of complex luminaires and for this reason it is the control software of choice for concerts, theaters, contests and television sets, allowing very sophisticated programming in a simple and agile way.

The best lighting control with MA Lighting for large shows.

Ayrton lights to reinforce the impact of the stage

The French brand was also present for another year at Eurovision 2022 with all the power of its LED lights, and also played a leading role during Spain's performance, since just behind Chanel Terrero and her dancers, 250 dazzling MagicPanel FX followed the rhythm of the "SloMo" that has won 459 points this edition.

Spain's performance with Chanel Terrero revolutionized Eurovision 2022.

El Magic Panel FX de Ayrton is the evolution of its MagicPanel R multifunction luminaire, enhanced with a revolutionary optical zoom system with a ratio of 15:1 and a range of 3,6° to 53° and an array of 25 square lenses each to create amazing 2D graphic effects and 3D volumetric effects.

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