ETC presents its new Fresnel for television

Design, performance and innovation are the keys with which the North American brand presents in the new Fresnel spotlight of the Fos / 4 family, the range of solutions dedicated to film and television. A true Fresnel with the performance of an LED.

Fresnel product range

ETC announces the addition of a Fresnel to the fos / 4 television studio family. Fresnels have been around for generations and are known for their smooth wash, adjustable zoom capabilities, and great brightness. However, with the addition of LEDs, many Fresnels focused more on the technology and less on the quality of light. ETC's new Fos / 4 Fresnel highlights the most desired characteristics of an incandescent Fresnel and adds the nuanced color mixing, smooth fades and LED technology development of other professional ETC fixtures.

With the fos / 4 range, you get a true Fresnel with LED performance.

El Fresnel fos / 4 It includes all the functions of the Fresnel standards and adds all the technology and development evolved in recent years within the ETC brand.

  • Zoom adjustment from 15 to 50 degrees from the front or back of the device.
  • Possibility of adding any number of optics accessories and visors.
  • The adjustable yoke allows for easy balancing of the fixture after focusing, and the homogenized optics give you an incredibly uniform beam of light.

  • The fos / 4's contactless and remote control functions include wireless communication using City Theatrical's Multiverse technology and contactless programming using ETC's Set Light app via NFC from a mobile device.

ETC Lustr 8 Color Television Technology: Deep Red

Like the fos / 4 panel, the fos / 4 Fresnels are available in two uses: Lustr X8 for the full range of color mixing and Daylight HDR for the brightest whites. Both devices feature deep red LEDs for the most nuanced representation of skin tones, fabrics and decors, developed for on-camera staging. The fos / 4 Fresnel puts out up to 9700 lumens, so you'll never compromise on brightness.


Guarantee and innovation

fos / 4 Fresnel is currently available with a seven-inch aperture, with 10-inch and 5-inch variants to be available in the coming months. Brilliant, quality color with the Fresnel beam you need. Like all ETC products, the fos / 4 Fresnel is backed by ETC's 24/7/365 support and an unrivaled warranty.

ETC Fresnel Fos / 4

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