New solutions for grandMA3 onPC are here

The world's leading brand in lighting control tables announces its novelties for the revolutionary grandMA3 onPC range: fader wing grandMA3 onPC and xPort Nodes DIN-Rail. Two safe bets that arise from decades of experience of the most recognized brand in the development of lighting control solutions and network components.

El fader wing grandMA3 onPC it is designed as the perfect extension for the grandMA3 onPC software. The new device has all the playback capabilities of the software, while adding 2048 parameters.

Furthermore, the xPort Nodes DIN-Rail it is specifically designed as a solid and stable network in data communication for fixed installations. All nodes can be configured remotely from any console or PC within the session and thus provide easy access to DMX input or output.

With the incorporation of these two novelties, the grandMA3 onPC range is positioned as an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to enter the world of MA lighting control. The range consists of two components: the free, easy to install and use grandMA3 onPC software for MAC and Windows, as well as the powerful onPC hardware solutions. MA Lighting's DNA makes these solutions unique on the market. Users of the brand are assured that they can rely on the best hardware, as well as highly efficient software that is free for life. MA is committed to a constant development of its products that pass with outstanding the present and future challenges that the industry is facing.

The grandMA3 onPC software offers the same performance and uses the same software functionality as the full-size grandMA3 models, albeit in a lighter and more compact form factor. The events and installations with a maximum of 4096 parameters they are the perfect setting for the application of grandMA3 onPC solutions.

The grandMA3 solution it is perfect for events and facilities on a low budget. The different hardware options in combination with its free software create the basis for a genuine lighting control system, to which by adding a monitor it is ready to use.

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