PLASA Show 2018 brings awaited innovations of the leading brands in lighting

Renowned lighting companies such as ETC, MA Lighting, Clay Paky or Ayrton, among others, presented their new products for three days at the London Olympia

This year PLASA Show was loaded with very exciting news in addition to an interesting program of seminars given by great professionals in the entertainment sector. Visitors were able to see the latest news from the main lighting, audio, rigging and audiovisual brands.
ETC was present with the most popular products of the Source Four LED Series 2 family and the ColorSource line, including the ColorSouce Pearl family, a perfect range for studios, architectural installations or spaces where a variable white light is needed between 2700K and 6500K. As for consoles, the Ion Xe and Gio @ 5 were exhibited, compact and ideal for working in small spaces. Also present was the lightweight and flexible Prodigy P2 from ETC Rigging, and the new EchoTouch, designed to offer compact control solutions in architectural lighting or in small spaces. Among many surprises, ETC presented the first member of a new family of mobile LED spotlights of its brand: the Relevé Spot, winner of the PLASA Innovation Award 2018, which arrives to adapt to the changes that are happening in theater lighting. A silent focus, variable temperature, zoom between 18º and 54º and up to 6.000 lumens.


MA Lighting It showed once again the highly anticipated GrandMA3 that it already presented at Prolight & Sound 2018. Flexible and robust, GrandMA3 has come strong to stay. It allows to work with up to 12.288 series control parameters. Its huge multi-touch screen facilitates fast, intuitive and customizable control to better meet the expectations of the illuminator. In addition, for the more expectant, GrandMA3 allows to operate in GrandMA2 mode. The well-known brand was present with the different versions of the controller: grandMA3 full-size, compact and compact XT, grandMA3 light and the MA network switch.


The marsh Italian Clay Paky exposed at the event a total of 9 LED spotlights, including the new signings of the AXCOR family. Emphasizes Axcor Profile 400, a versatile focus with a power of 300W very suitable for use in enclosed spaces. It is available in two versions: AXCOR 400, with an 70 CRI and a temperature of 6.500K, ideal for occasions that require a lot of lighting; and the AXCOR 400 HC, with an 90 CRI and 5.600K temperature, especially suitable for television use. It also has CMY and CTO systems, as well as a light body (27Kg) and silent mode, so it can be very interesting for use in theaters.
The rest of the AXCOR family is made up of the Axcor Profile 600, with a power of 500W and available in 6500K and 5600K; Axcor Profile 900 -first LED spot by Clay Paky-, and Axcor 300 in its Wash, Beam and Spot versions. Also in PLASA was the Scenius Unico, the last addition to the Scenius family, which can function as a spot or wash thanks to its diffusion filters. Highlights also the K-EYE H20 HCR, winner of the Plasa Award of Innovation last year, an ideal wash for theatrical spaces designed to achieve natural light thanks to its High Color Rendering (HCR) technology and a high CRI. It also has zoom between 7º and 53º and variable temperature between 2500K and 8000K.


For its part, Ayrton presented its latest developments in two versions: S (stage) and TC (True Color). The new Bora-S is a low consumption LED wash with a temperature of 8000k to achieve a metallic white light and a power of 38.000 lumens. In its TC version, Bora has a CMY system, blades, six rotating gobos and a CRI superior to 90. For its part, the Khamsin is a versatile LED spot 750W and 8000k temperature in addition to an exceptional power of 39.000 lumens. Nominated for the PLASA Innovation Awards, these focuses are especially interesting for rental companies because of their efficiency and versatility.
Ayrton also presented for the first time in London the Mistral-S, a version of the Mistral-TC of greater performance, a compact size and power of 17.000lm. In addition, it returned with some products already presented in the last edition of PLASA: the Minipanel FX, a compact focus that has the same characteristics as the Magicpanel FX in a small space; the Miniburst, an LED with 16 pixels divided into a matrix of 4 × 4 and infinite rotation, together with the well-known Mistral-TC, Ghibli and Merak.


Finally, they were also present GDS, which came with its different solutions for halogen and LED architectural lighting, and Portman, with its unmistakable luminaires: P1 Retro Lamp, with 7 channels DMX and 7 halogen lamps of 230W; P2 Hexaline, with 6 channels DMX and 6 halogen lamps; and P3 Pix3l, with 3 channels DMX and 3 halogen lamps, designed to create a warm environment without equal in scenic spaces.

In Spain, Stonex It's official distributor ETC, MA Lighting, Clay Paky, AYRTON, GDS and Portman among other well-known brands. With more than 36 years of experience in the sector, it is the national reference company in professional lighting and stage engineering. It offers integral solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use.
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