Thanks lights shine for healthcare staff around the world

The entertainment industry has been the sector that first stopped in this state of alarm due to the global pandemic. And, it is probably the last to be reactivated due to the conditions of social distancing and capacity in events and shows around the world. Still, we know that the entertainment industry will be revived and stronger than ever. Meanwhile, spotlights and control tables that should be picking up dust are used in different parts of the world to give samples of thanks to the health personnel they are the ones in the front line against the virus.

Here we bring you the main projections that have been seen shining in the sky from different parts of the globe. A recap of thanks and appreciation with the Clay Paky appliance technology.


On Sunday March 22, the AV rental companies in the Benelux region They projected beams of light into the sky, illuminated architecture like hospitals and parks, and even created figures with the Claypaky spotlights.

AED Rent - Xtylos

Claypaky Xtylos, blue laser projected by AED Rent
* Credits: AED Rent HQ

ATG AUDIOVISUEL - Claypaky Mythos 2

Mythos at full throttle in Benelux region

D-DREAM - Claypaky Sharpys

Tom Aukes, CEO and lighting designer at Aukes Theatertechniek - Claypaky Sharpys


La Australasian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) organized this charity event on April 15 in major Australian cities. From the Association, distributors, manufacturers and AV companies were motivated to project light beams, gobos, lasers, color baths on buildings ... A sign of thanks and respect for those who fight against the virus as well as drawing attention to the difficult situation of the entertainment industry.


Clapaky appliance gateway outside Show Technology

FRONTIER LIGHTING - Claypaky Sharpy Plus

Heart in heaven made by Sharpy Plus from Claypaky

CRISTAL PRODUCTIONS - Claypaky Scenius, Mythos and Sharpy

Scenius, Mythos and Sharpy screened by Cristal Productions in Australia

Of course, the Claypaky factory, which is located in one of the most COVID-19 affected regions in the world, also paid tribute to all the heroes by reproducing the Italian national flag on the walls of its headquarters. ODEON architectural projectors were used in series. The heart was formed using a new Sharpy Plus AQUA IP65 unit.


Architectural lighting on Claypaky headquarters in Italy

Many other lighting movements such as #unitewithlight #andratuttobene #welightasone have recognized both professionals who are still in the battle against the Covid 19, and companies in the entertainment sector that are probably having the hardest moments of their professional lives. Even so, together we will leave this one and tributes like the one reported here demonstrate the proactivity and dedication of colleagues dedicated to the industry who will return with more desire than ever.

From Spain, our friends at Crambo sent us this image of the Claypaky Xtylos projecting their laser into the sky in the first week of confirmation.

Xtylos projecting to the sky, CRAMBO ALQUILER credits

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