ETC Console of ETC on tour with 'Interpreter XXL'

The extended version of the successful work of Asier Etxeandia, 'The Interpreter', returns to climb the tables on a tour that will tour, once again, our geography accompanied by the ION Console ETC.
Chiqui Ruiz, ETCPro de ETC, is in charge of 'giving light' to this work with the console ION in a format that is not foreign: the musical environment. During the development of it, Chiqui has programmed different cues that allow to shine and play with the light turning it into a unique show, with the flexibility that a live show needs.
ION It is an ideal table for environments where space is limited due to its size. Intuitive and powerful, the operative style that characterizes the products of the family Eos® de ETC It is concentrated in a compact console and accessible to a reduced budget. Provides fully integrated control that meets the needs of beginners and professionals alike
El Calderón Theater It was the scenario chosen to close a cycle with an XXL staging, the first stop on a tour that once again covers some cities. A show that was able to hang the 'no seats' poster throughout its only 12 sessions in Madrid and that received very good reviews from professionals and spectators. His followers wanted more, therefore, they returned to appear before them in the Guimerá Theater de Tenerife the past 9 of July and will soon hit cities like Badajoz, Murcia, Vitoria o Bilbao, Among others.
The interpreter is the first project that took shape under the Mother Factory Constriktor, which is born from the meeting of four professionals: Asier Etxeandia, Tao Gutiérrez, José Luis Huertas y Ana Sánchez de la Morena.
It is a musical whose foundations are based on original themes and classic versions that give form to a script that moves the viewer away from the conventional and the correct through a journey through emotions. A show with and for the public in which everything is possible and with a clear approach 'disinhibition, carelessness, excess, ...'

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