Light, design and show at the Masterclass of Al Gurdon and Peter Canning

The Fernando Arrabal Hall of the Naves del Español hosted the first Masterclass in Spain, organized by Stonex, by lighting designers Al Gurdon and Peter Canning, who have illuminated such international shows as Eurovision, the break of the Superbowl or the opening and closing of the Sochi Olympic Games.
Under the name Lighting On Air, more than 270 professionals from the lighting sector and the events sector enjoyed live a day in which there was no lack of detail of shows as impressive as Eurovision. Experience, technique and design were some of the keys that could be known first hand, as well as the professional career of both illuminators.
The Slaughterhouse of Madrid returned to become the stage to host the first Masterclass of international illuminators Peter Canning and Al Gurdon. Shows like Eurovision or the rest of the SuperBowl are signed by these artists who shared all the secrets behind the lighting of each one of them.

Javier Latorre, CEO of Stonex, opened the day by recalling the 35 Anniversary of Stonex, where he showed a brief tour of these 35 years dedicated to the world of professional lighting.
Next, Francesco Romagnoli, Area Manager of Clay Paky showed some of the novelties of the Italian manufacturer as the new mobile projector Scenius, the return of the classic Spheriscan or the new Mythos, among others.
Al Gurdon opened his paper emphasizing the importance of light beyond considering it as a simple tool. The tour of Madonna, Kylie Minogue or Beyoncé were some of the works that stood out on stage. The importance of transmitting sensations in each of the designs was one of the keys that Al Gurdon defined as the main one. Finally, it concluded with one of the most impressive television shows, the rest of the Superbowl. Plans, luminaries and making off of the eight minutes that group a whole show of light and color.

After the break, Peter Canning concluded the conference exposing all the technique and design of the opening and closing of the Sochi Olympic Games. Scenography, videomapping and lighting, in a perfect mix to offer an experience for who sees it.
The day ended with a special acknowledgment to the founder of Stonex, Domingo Latorre and Clay Paky, for the 20 years working together between both companies.

Stonex is the official distributor of Clay Paky, among other well-known brands. With more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment sector, Stonex offers integral solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use. In addition Stonex distributes the main brands of the market exclusively in Spain.
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