Mythos, power in just 470w

One of the innovations that has entered with more force after the PLASA 2014 has been the new Mythos of Clay Paky. Beam and Spot in the same device that makes it one of the best choices for quality and price.
Winner of the Innovation Award in Plasa 2014, el Myth is one of Clay Paky's latest innovations. As if it were a superhero like this was presented along with the SuperSharpy and Stormy, which have surprised the lighting sector.
With only 470w of consumption, offers a light power as the SuperSharpy with a perfect combination between beam and spot. Among its features, it includes two rotating prisms with six dichroic and CMY gobos.
In its field as a spot it has a minimum opening of 4º and a maximum of 50º. But without a doubt, highlights the high quality of your optics that offers lines defined and marked at a great distance and without the need for smoke.
The versatility of the Mythos also allows to offer beam with a fixed angle of 0.5º with a brightness twice that of the usual Sharpy, which allows it to be visible in broad daylight.
Effects, gobos, definition, power and luminosity, this is the new Mythos. A projector that highlights its versatility and its spectacular consumption of only 470W.
Stonex is official distributor of Clay Paky in Spain. It consists of a demo room where you can learn more about this new product. You can contact with to specify a date.
Stonex has more than 30 years of experience in engineering and professional lighting, offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use.
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